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Marantz AV8801 Top of the Line 11.2-Ch AV Preamp Processor

Marantz AV8801 Top of the Line 11.2-Ch  AV Preamp Processor
Marantz AV8801 Top of the Line 11.2-Ch  AV Preamp Processor Marantz AV8801 Top of the Line 11.2-Ch  AV Preamp Processor Marantz AV8801 Top of the Line 11.2-Ch  AV Preamp Processor Marantz AV8801 Top of the Line 11.2-Ch  AV Preamp Processor Marantz AV8801 Top of the Line 11.2-Ch  AV Preamp Processor
Brand: Marantz
Price: $3,599.99 $1,995.00
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The Highly Anticipated AV8801


Copper plated chassis – A copper plated steel chassis creates a barrier for maximum isolation from external vibration as well as electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, allowing the AV8801 to communicate the most delicate audio program with absolute clarity. For even more rigidity, the top cover is made up of three individual pieces attached to both sides of the chassis. In addition, the AV8801 utilizes a double brace that attaches the front and back together for “tri box” construction which further strengthens the unit.

HDAM (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module) –High Speed, discrete (part-by­part), custom circuits that utilize Current Feedback in order to preserve fine musical detail. HDAM circuits are custom tuned to individual products and enhance performance in ways that no off-the-shelf component can. This patented technology is only utilized in our best products. For the AV8801, we use 13 HDAM devices specifically geared to providing the best sound possible.

The Toroidal Transformer- serves a dual purpose. First, it operates more efficiently enabling the power supply to flawlessly respond to demanding musical transients. Second, it produces less spurious magnetic energy which helps lower the noise floor for ultra-quiet operation.

Balanced XLR terminals – offer +40dB rejection of induced noise in the cable while providing a superior mechanical connection. The AV8801 incorporates dedicated balanced Inputs for sources such as SACD, making the UD7007 a perfect companion as it features balanced outputs.

Audyssey XT32 ‐ is the newest and most accurate room correction solution available today, with more than ten thousand individual control points allowing finer details of the room’s problems to be captured and corrected.

32bit /192k Digital to analog converter –With significantly higher resolution and wider dynamic range than a CD, audiophiles and music lovers will appreciate the analog-like textures that our DAC delivers.

Current Feedback Amplifier ‐ lowers distortion while leaving the music intact for a much more natural and realistic sonic presentation.


         Airplay - Allows your iTunes library to be streamed from a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Since the protocol is already embedded in the iOS, you only need to launch the AirPlay icon to stream music to this AirPlay compatible device.

         Internet Radio - Over 10,000 radio stations broadcasting from around the world, many unique to the internet and commercial-free. Imagine listening to music or sports talk from your favorite home town radio station or the local news of a foreign country.

         Pandora- A unique service that automatically creates playlists based on a specific artist or song. Pandora is a great way to discover new music. There are two versions of Pandora (free & paid) and registration can be done online.

         Spotify- Ever wish you had a larger music library? Well, Spotify has over 15 million songs within its database and it continues to grow. Spotify puts the control in your hands allowing you to access specific artists and songs, create playlists, etc. Like Pandora, there are different versions of Spotify (free & paid)

         DLNA- Stream music directly from any Android device or play all the music you have stored on your PC, Mac®, NAS drive, etc that are connected to the home network.


        > 4k/2k Video - Displays are here and content is coming and the AV8801 is ready.

> 4-port Ethernet Hub - This built-in hub can be used for Ethernet-based products likeset-top-boxes, gaming consoles, and Blu-ray players and eliminates the hassle ofinstalling a 3rd party hub.

> HDMI 6+1 in/ 2+1out (Dual HDMI out & Zone out) - More devices feature HDMI outputs, and with a total of 7 HDMI inputs the AV8801 can easily handle all of your different source components. With a two zone matrix HDMI output, you now have true two zone capability. We also have a 3rd HDMI output that will mirror the output of the main zone.

> InstaPrevue - Remember picture in picture? InstaPrevue allows the end user to preview content on each of the HDMI inputs.

> Three Zone Audio - Each of the three audio zones can be controlled via IR, IP/App and/or RS232.

> Integration - Because Marantz has strategic partnerships with all of the major control companies, you can be assured that both RS232 and IP protocol will be both reliable and lightning fast.

> Shallow depth chassis, DC triggers, discrete IR commands and IR flasher inputs are among the features we have incorporated to insure that the installation goes smoothly.

> Mobile App control with advanced media browsing - Whether you are a fan of Apple or Android, we have Apps that allow for full control of the AV8801. Both apps are elegant looking and easy to operate.

        > 11.2-channel processing with DTS Neo:X & Audyssey DSX.

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