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TEAC Reference CD-H750 CD Player, iPod iPhone USB input

TEAC Reference CD-H750 CD Player, iPod iPhone USB input
TEAC Reference CD-H750 CD Player, iPod iPhone USB input TEAC Reference CD-H750 CD Player, iPod iPhone USB input TEAC Reference CD-H750 CD Player, iPod iPhone USB input
Brand: TEAC
Price: $499.99 $399.99
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"CD-H750" is a CD player with a stylish design that take into account quality, corresponding to the recording / playback of digital connection of USB memory and iPod / iPhone. 
To the D / A converter of the heart which is adopted into digital signals to analog PCM1791A of BurrBrown famous. Into analog to high-quality digital audio signals of iPod / iPhone audio and CD. connection of iPod / iPhone has become a digital connection via the USB cable, as well as be able to take advantage of iPod / iPhone as a player high quality, D high quality by outputting a signal from the digital output of CD-H750 / It is also possible to use as D converter. Body adopts the chassis of the same size with presence 700 Series Reference. The front panel or side panel has adopted a gorgeous aluminum. In addition to the audio system with the "CD-H750", it is possible to build a stylish environment with a difference CD playback and full-size audio component. 


■ adopt BurrBrown PCM1791A to D / A converter, friendly design quality


To the D / A converter for digital audio signals into analog, with PCM1791A of BurrBrown that has an excellent reputation. Converted to an analog signal of high quality digital audio signals to USB memory or audio CD, the iPod. To the output terminal is adopted plated connectors gold structures Center CD drive mechanism is also well-balanced weight. It is designed to be friendly to the sound quality.

■ Aluminum body to claim as audio equipment


Front panel and side panels, the aluminum material is used for luxurious. Together, claimed as audio equipment in the living you have installed the CD-H750 also brushed. The size is the same size as the 700 Series Reference.

■ MFI certified company Apple, digital music playback by connecting iPod / iPhone can be


Certified Made for iPod / iPhone certified by Apple iOS device normal operation of the product and the company Apple. You can connect via USB cable to digital iPod / iPhone. You will be able to take advantage of high-quality players as iPod / iPhone digital signal for transmission over an audio file of the iPod / iPhone, and play into analog D / A converter of the CD-H750. At the same time will also charge while connected. In addition, since it is possible to output digital audio signals of the iPod / iPhone from the digital outputs, you will be able to used as a D / D converter.

■ Playback of CD-R/RW and USB memory MP3/WMA files can be written for


CD drive as well as audio CD, CD-R/RW playback of data that has been written of MP3/WMA files. To the USB connector of the body can also be connected to a USB memory can be played back in the same way as any CD MP3/WMA files recorded on USB memory.

■ USB memory recording function that can be an audio CD to MP3 without using a computer

The CD-H750, can record music from audio CD to USB memory is possible. You can be made with data from the CD library without using a computer. And recording format is MP3, the bit rate can be selected from the 64/96/128/192kbps

  • BurrBrown PCM1791A adopted to D / A converter
  • Certified Made for iPod / iPhone (Tested iPhone 5)
  • digital audio output of iPod / iPhone is available ※ PCM format (44.1kHz/16bit)
  • Recording in MP3 format to a USB memory can be
  • Playback audio files in the USB memory (corresponding to MP3/WMA) can
  • MP3/WMA playback of CD-R/RW disc has been written can be
  • ID tags and MP3/WMA files (Title / Artist / Album), information of iPod / iPhnoe is viewable. ※ corresponding alphanumeric characters only (single-byte characters)
  • Program play (up to 32 tracks), Shuffle Play, Repeat Play (/ program / AB songs / song)
  • RCA stereo analog line output terminal that employs a focused quality Gold plated
  • Digital output optical / coaxial
  • Headphone jack with volume

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