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Tannoy Glenair Prestige Loudspeaker (Priced Individually)

Tannoy Glenair Prestige Loudspeaker (Priced Individually) Tannoy Glenair Prestige Loudspeaker (Priced Individually)
Brand: Tannoy
Price: $4,890.00
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The Glenair brings a fresh and modern styling approach to the Tannoy Prestige range. (Priced Individually)

While embodying the long established company philosophy of no compromise acoustic performance, the Glenair brings a fresh and modern styling approach to the Tannoy Prestige range. Utilising the proven acoustic benefits of a trapezoidal cabinet design, Glenair bears all the hallmarks of bespoke loudspeaker craftsmanship but with a more contemporary feel.

Plywood manufactured from birch grown in slow-growing cold regions of the world and selected for its denser quality is used for the main structure of the speaker cabinet. The combination of heavily damped material, comprehensive internal bracing and non-parallel side panels alleviate the problems associated with standing waves, ensuring that the loudspeaker is free from unwanted resonance.

Externally the cabinet is finely crafted with American Cherry veneer and solid wood mouldings hand finished and polished to an unsurpassed standard. No unsightly retaining lugs spoil the clean lines of the speaker’s front panel when the curved, acoustically transparent grille is removed; this thanks to the cleverly designed magnetised fixing method within the baffle structure.

As with all other Prestige models, the two Glenair benefits from the many advantages of the world-renowned Tannoy Dual Concentric™ drive unit with its unique and superior sound reproduction qualities. The carefully engineered components of the 15.00” unit fitted to the Glenair presents an astonishingly true to life performance with an open, coherent and utterly involving soundstage. Effortless bass dynamics, open midrange and meticulously detailed high frequency with a delicacy of treble nuances are assured.

Ensuring perfect integration of the driver elements, the carefully designed crossover network exhibits true audiophile qualities. All components are high precision, low-loss and thermally stable. For the high frequency feed a single Hovland MusiCap® capacitor is used providing class-leading sonic consistency; exceptional dynamics, speed, focus, correct timbre and depth of field. Two large laminated iron core inductors are used to avoid saturation effects. Careful consideration has been given to the precise layout of the crossover in order to minimise inter component coupling and it is positioned well away from the driver to avoid any detrimental magnetic field effects. Top quality silver-plated copper wiring is used for the low frequency section, and Acrolink 6N ultra high purity (99.9999%) copper wire is used for the high frequency wiring for complete signal path integrity.

The bire wire terminal on the twin ported rear panel also features an 'earth' or grounding point. With the driver chassis grounded, this proven technology, developed on earlier Prestige models, minimises the effects of RF interference resulting in a more transparent midrange.

Each component part of the Glenair complements one another to deliver an audiophile loudspeaker that runs true to the highly respected pedigree of the Prestige range and as such maintains Tannoy’s leading position as an innovator of premium audio solutions.

The unique advantage of the Tannoy Dual Concentric™ principle is that the low and high frequency sound radiation is generated on the same axis. In effect, the Dual is a single chassis comprising two separate drive units properly merged into one, with the high frequency unit mounted in the centre of the pole piece of the low frequency unit. High frequency sound radiates from the centre of the low frequency unit through a carefully designed high frequency exponential horn, either the PepperPot WaveGuide™ or the Tulip WaveGuide™ dependant on the model. It is the fact that the low and high frequencies are therefore fully integrated at source that gives the Tannoy Dual Concentric™ driver such unique sound reproduction qualities.

The location of the high frequency unit does not physically obstruct the low frequency unit in any way; a unique feature when compared with industry standard coaxial systems. Polar dispersion of sound is symmetrical in both the horizontal and vertical planes. By careful crossover network design the virtual acoustic sources of the high and low frequency units can be made to occupy the same point on the axis. Therefore the whole sound appears to emanate from a single point source located slightly behind the drive unit. This means that the loudspeakers, when fed from a high quality stereo source, can recreate a full and accurate stereo image.

The low frequency section of the Dual Concentric™ drive units has exceptional power handling and dynamic range. The low frequency cone piston is produced from selected multi-fibre paper pulp. This is specially treated to absorb internal resonance modes. A treated fabric surround, or rubber surround in the case of Autograph Mini, is designed to correctly terminate the moving cone and provide optimum compliance and linearity at large excursions. The cone piston is driven by a high power motor system, which in selected models uses an Alnico magnet. Alnico is an unusual iron/nickel alloy doped during the melt process with cobalt and aluminium to produce a magnetic material with very special properties. Having a high remanant magnetism and energy product, Alnico magnetises to a high level and retains an unusual degree of magnetisation. Alnico is also an electrical conductor. These properties give the Alnico magnet equipped Dual Concentric™ drivers an exceptionally clean transient response and increased sensitivity. The coil is wound with a special high temperature adhesive system and individually cured to ensure reliable operation at high peak power inputs. The shape of the low frequency cone is arranged to provide optimum dispersion of audio frequencies at both the high and low ends of the spectrum. The cone flare continues the high frequency horn profile to ensure a smooth transition at the crossover point.

The high frequency driver consists of a wide dynamic range compression unit giving superb transient performance with a smooth uncoloured response. The compression unit feeds acoustic power through a low compression phase compensating device, either the Tannoy Tulip Waveguide™ or the PepperPot WaveGuide™, to the throat of the acoustic horn formed by the low frequency cone. The low frequency cone profile provides a second waveguide with acoustic impedance transformation to match the high frequency radiation into the listening environment.

Either a titanium or aluminium alloy diaphragm, formed by a specially developed process, produces a piston with a very high stiffness to mass ratio. Optimum molecular grain structure gives long-term durability. A low mass precision coil provides the driving force for the diaphragm, energized by a powerful magnet system. A damped acoustic cavity to one side of the diaphragm controls the compression driver response and ensures perfect integration at the crossover point.

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Recommended amplifier power 50 - 225 Watts
Continuous power handling 135 Watts RMS
Frequency response 32Hz - 25kHz -6dB
Sensitivity 95dB (2.83 Volts @ 1 metre)
Nominal impedance 8 Ohms
Dual Concentric high frequency 33mm (1.75”) aluminium alloy dome with Tulip WaveGuide™
Dual Concentric low frequency 380mm (15.00”) treated paper pulp cone with HE twin roll fabric surround. 52mm (2.00”) edge wound voice coil
Dispersion 90 degrees conical
Frequency 1.1kHz
Type Bi-wired, hard wired passive, low pass 2nd order LF, 1st order HF
Enclosure type Twin rear ported
Volume 115L (4 cu. ft.)
Dimensions 1100 x 460 x 448mm
(43.50 x 18.00 x 22.00”)
Weight 45kg (99 lbs)
Finish Cherry veneer with solid cherry trim detail


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