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The scalable speaker designed to last. Made in France.

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PRODIGE is the first creation by A.absolument. Made in France from recycled and sustainable materials and with a design as iconic as it is timeless, it is the speaker of a lifetime! It offers exceptional stereo sound thanks to the meticulous work – also carried out in France – of a team of passionate engineers and the presence of Focal® speakers.

Size: 29 x 20 x 19.5cm

The promise

Built to last

  • No planned obsolescence
  • Scalable & repairable
  • Robust design
  • Award-winning timeless design


  • Aluminum collected and recycled in France
  • PEFC wood from eco-managed forests (Birch)
  • Organic paint (algae and vegetables)

High fidelity

  • FOCAL® speakers
  • Bluetooth aptX-HD (CD quality)
  • Multipoint Bluetooth
  • 90W RMS Stereo


All of PRODIGE’s electronics are concentrated on a single removable plate located at the rear. Over the years, we will offer updates to our internal components (Bluetooth, amplifiers, USB, etc.), so your speaker can live forever.

Environmentally friendly

PRODIGE was designed with particular attention paid to the environment.
Made up of responsible materials exclusively sourced in France such as recycled aluminum, organic paint and wood from an eco-managed forest, it is also the result of first-rate electronic design which gives it a long lifespan. extraordinary.

CD quality

Equipped with 2 Focal TAM speakers made in France and 1 gigantic woofer, PRODIGE offers powerful, enveloping sound and crystal clear highs.
Its bass reflex technology also gives it incredibly deep bass. Added to this ideal technical combination is an acoustic design carried out in France by a formidable team of engineers to achieve sound perfection and offer a highly immersive listening experience in stereo also thanks to Bluetooth® aptX-HD Multipoint.

Timeless design

PRODIGE arouses emotion from the first sight!
Inspired by the iconic jewelry radios of the 60s, its design immediately evokes memories of an era full of charm, simplicity and robustness. It is reminiscent of old radios with a retro-futuristic design by Braun and Philips, symbols of an elegant and refined style.
Indeed, in the same spirit of timelessness, the aluminum case and clean lines of PRODIGE have been designed to appeal to all generations: those of yesterday, today and tomorrow… Which has earned it a to be elected “Product Design 2023” by Red Dot Design Award.

Stay in control

You can control a lot of things directly from the PRODIGE buttons without having to use your smartphone:

  • Play/pause
  • Next/previous song
  • Volume
  • Bass Levels
  • Input selection


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