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Experience Effortless Music Reproduction with Andover-One E Record Player with Speakers

Experience room-filling audio and unparalleled convenience with the Andover-One E “Essential” Record Player, designed for easy use and all-in-one functionality in any setting—from dorm rooms to home offices.

The “E” is for “essential”

Our multi-award-winning Andover-One™ record player is an audio classic – admired by critics and loved by vinyl fans. For an encore, we challenged ourselves to make the essence of the Andover-One system accessible to a broader range of music lovers. The result? The Andover-One E record player.

Featuring a remote control to maintain the convenience and ease-of-operation found in the original. Navigate sources and change settings from the comfort of your favorite listening chair.


Conquering compromise

Under conventional circumstances, mounting the turntable, amplifier and loudspeaker together in the same cabinet is a definite no-no. Fortunately, the Andover-One E system is anything but conventional. A trio of technologies overcomes the limitations of typical all-in-one systems. Our IsoGroove® technology, Class D amplifier and 270° loudspeaker array combine to deliver soul-satisfying, room-filling music reproduction.

Feedback, defeated

Loudspeakers work by producing vibration. The business end of a turntable works by detecting vibration. So under normal circumstances, placing your turntable together with a loudspeaker is a recipe for a miserable distortion called “acoustic feedback.” Andover’s patent-pending IsoGroove technology protects your turntable from vibration – and protects your music from feedback. Independent audio critics who rarely agree on anything have declared the technology “lived up to its billing” and “works as advertised” and called it “so amazing” and “genius.”

Class D bi-amplification

Most power amplifiers generate substantial heat along with the wattage. So it’s difficult to fit a high-end turntable, a powerful amp and a capable stereo loudspeaker into a single, compact enclosure. But that’s what we accomplished. Our Class D amplifier is remarkably cool and compact while delivering a room-shaking, house-filling 160 watts total RMS. We even provide separate amplifiers for bass (50 watts x2) and treble (30 watts x2). As featured in ultra-high-end audio systems, this “bi-amplification” helps reduce distortion – even when the music is at its loudest.

The right connections, including Bluetooth audio

Ready for anything, the Andover-One E system connects to music from a wide range of Bluetooth devices across a choice of advanced formats: SBC, AAC, aptX, aptXHD, and aptX low-latency. Feel free to plug in an external CD player, USB source, a subwoofer and an external audio system. We offer optical and coaxial digital inputs as well as analog line input. And you can rip vinyl records to your computer, using the USB interface as an output. As an added touch, when you connect an Andover Audio Songbird streamer to the Stream/Aux 2 input, the system will automatically switch on when you’re streaming and switch off when you’re done.

Turntable hand-made in Europe

Your precious vinyl records have the potential for great sound. The Andover-One E turntable brings that sound to life. It starts under the surface, where an electrically-stabilized AC-synchronous motor, drive belt and high-mass steel platter ensure ultra-stable rotation. Your records are traced accurately by a light-tracking Ortofon OM 5e cartridge, mounted to a highly rigid aluminum tonearm with precision bearings. It’s just what you’d expect of a turntable made in Europe by Pro-Ject.

Building your system

While the Andover-One E system satisfies your hunger for great music all by itself, you can elevate your experience with a matching Upper Stand and Lower Stand or Subwoofer. Beautiful as well as functional, the stands feature an understated real walnut finish instead of faux walnut vinyl wrap. And they showcase a complete music system in less than two square feet of floor space.


Comparison chart:  
Andover-One Andover-One E
 Platter  Acrylic  Steel
 Tonearm  Carbon Fiber  Aluminum
 Counterweight  Adjustable  Semi-Fixed
 Anti-Skating  Yes  No
 Cartridge  Ortofon 2M Silver  Ortofon OM-5e
 Woofers  4x  2x
 Tweeters AMT  Dome
 Total Power  210W 170W 
 Aluminum Trim  Yes  No
 Songbird Included  Yes  Yes



The Andover-One Acrylic platter is better damped for cleaner bass response.
It features a lighter and stiffer CF arm supports better cartridge step-up (Andover-One E requires no consumer arm balancing, for an easier setup). 

Andover-One cartridge (2M Silver) is part of Ortofon’s high end MM line.
Andover-One E features an entry level cartrdige (OM-5E)

Andover-One has stronger, deeper bass and +6dB SPL overall output,
with Air Motion Tweeters (AMTs) for extended range and better resolution.

Andover-One / E  feature the same amps, but the power differential is due to Andover-One’s speaker impedance drop with 4xwoofers.

Andover-One features a appearance on M1.


  • Genuine Hardwood Frames
  • Graphic Interface with Intuitive Single-Knob Control
  • Remote Control
  • Hi-Fi Component Feet
  • Dustcover Included
  • Dimensions: 18” Wide x 8.83” High (with Dust Cover) x 13.5” Deep


  • Bluetooth (APT-X HD)
  • 150W Bi-Amplified Class-D Design
  • Frequency Range: 50Hz-20,000kHz
  • 2x 3.5″ Aluminum Diaphragm Woofers
  • 2x Dome Tweeters


  • Custom Pro-ject Belt-Drive Turntable 
  • Pre-Installed Ortofon OM-5e Cartrdige
  • Aluminum Tonearm
  • Acrylic Platter


  • Optical Input
  • Analog Input
  • Analog Output
  • USB Input / Output
  • Subwoofer Output


  • Compatible with both Andover-One and E version
  • MDF / Genuine Wood Veneer Construction
  • Simple Installation / Hardware
  • Upper Stand includes Built-In Drawer
  • Upper Stand Dimensions: 18” Wide x 17.25” High x 13.5” Deep
  • Lower Stand Dimensions: 18” Wide x 16” High x 13.5” Deep


  • Genuine Hardwood Frames
  • 150 W Class D Design
  • Dual 10” Drivers
  • Glass-Top Insert (Removable for Upper-Stand Configuration)


  • Andover-One “E” Turntable Music System
  • Dustcover
  • Manual
  • Remote Control
  • Steel Platter with Felt Mat
  • Accessory box containing DC Power Supply
  • Tonearm Counterweight
  • Adaptor to play 45RPM singles
  • Flat belt for 33/45 RPM
  • Round Belt for 78RPM
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Cartridge alignment protractor
  • Anti-Skate Weight
  • 7” Single Adapter Belt

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