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Our Best Compact 5.1 Home Theater System

This is it – the top of the line if you are looking for a compact 5.1 hometheater solution. The A’Diva SE takes our inspiring 5” A’Diva design,and includes a brand-new driver, giving them a performance level thatis unmatched anywhere in the micro-speaker industry. Included is apowerful 300 Watt TR-3D subwoofer, which gives plenty of “floor” forthe rich, patented A’Diva SE sound. If compact is your goal, there is nofiner 5.1 Home Theater system available than this one.

You want the best of the best? Then you’ve got it. This Anthony Gallo Acoustics A’Diva SE 5.1 system is our top of the line in compact 5.1 systems. It’s a powerhouse Home Theater speaker system, surrounding you with a vivid, clear 3-D soundstage that remains stable regardless of your listening position. The sound is so full, and so rich, that you’ll think these speakers are 10x larger than they really are. 

You’ll be amazed at the intense, powerful audio coming from these 5” wonders. Each package features five of our A’Diva SE compact satellite speakers (with Anthony Gallo’s new 3” Wide Dispersion Flat Diaphragm driver), along with a 300-watt TR-3D subwoofer (our best), making this a combination that can’t be beat. In both looks and sound, the A’Diva SE loudspeaker is class personified, and without question the leader in compact Home Theater systems. If you’re the type that goes straight to the top, this is the compact home theater system you want. Mounts and stands are optional, check out the accessories page for what you need. 

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