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Say hello to our most affordable 5.1 system – one that doesn’t compromise on the sound you get. This Micro 5.1 system combines five of our patented-technology, best-selling Nucleus Micro speakers withour TR-1d 200 watt subwoofer. The result is premium sound at a very affordable price, and will give you the sound you always dreamed ofhaving. Yes, you CAN afford to Hear Everything™.

Ok, you want a 5.1 system. A real 5.1 system, with sound that eclipses anything you’ve ever owned before. But you also have a budget, and you’re not sure if you can afford audiophile-level gear. Well, Anthony Gallo says “welcome to the family of high end audio”, because you CAN afford this Nucleus Micro 5.1 system. Comprised of five of our patented-technology 4” Nucleus Micro speakers, along with our TR-1d 200 watt subwoofer, this system will give you sound you’ve only dreamed of, at a price that will make you smile. It’s ideal for small to medium sized rooms, and will make your home sound like a true concert hall. This system is perfect for anyone who wants a true 5.1 home theater, but is tired of the “tinny” sound that big boxstore speakers (even name brands) deliver. This set is your entry into genuine high-end sound, at a price that simply cannot be beat.


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