Gallo Acoustics Nucleus Micro SE 5.1 System

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A new driver makes this 5.1 system a great value

How do you improve perfection? In the case of our best-selling NucleusMicro speakers, you put an all-new driver in it to boost the sound. This5.1 system (5 Nucleus Micro SE speakers, combined with a 200 WattTR-1D subwoofer) still retains the affordability factor that Nucleus Micro is famous for, with an even deeper, richer sound that will simply blow you away. Your music and movies never sounded more alive.

Anthony Gallo Acoustics Micro SE 5.1 system is a powerhouse of a compact Home Theater speaker system, and without question, the best sounding 4” round speakers you can buy (after all, we pioneered the round speaker, and still know it best). Featuring Anthony Gallo’s new 3” Wide Dispersion Flat Diaphragm driver, this 5.1 system will immerse you in beautiful, vivid 3-D sound that will delight your senses no matter where in the room you happen to be. With five of our Nucleus Micro SE speakers, combined with the powerful 200-Watt TR-1D subwoofer, there’s no escape from hearing every detail of the music (not that you’d want to escape, of course). This is the ideal set if you want the best power from the smallest footprint (each speaker is only 4” round – about the size of an orange, so they disappear into your décor). Position them anywhere – on the wall, a flat surface, recess them… the choice is yours. And the best sound will be yours as well.


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