Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner PRO X 10th Anniversary LP Cleaning System (Black)

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VINYL CLEANER PRO X – 10th Anniversary Model

NEWEST VERSION FOR 2019 INCLUDES: Enhanced cleaning and
drying including new high-performance Black Wipers. – Quick release of LP at
end of drying cycle. – Quieter running thanks to new fans. 2019 Newest Model
showcases the front Audio Desk Systeme metal brand plate.

The 2019 Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner PRO is the latest
version of the first and only record cleaning machine that incorporates an
ultrasonic cleaning cycle in addition to a more conventional mechanical
cleaning via bi-directional rotating microfiber cleaning drums, and the result
is the cleanest LP’s ever.

This vinyl record cleaner is fully automatic – just put the
LP in the slot, push the button, and come back in 6 minutes (or tomorrow!) for
a thoroughly cleaned and dried LP (both sides). Whole new layers of inner
detail and air are revealed in the recordings, and of course most surface noise
is eliminated.

The VINYL CLEANER is a disc cleaning machine that follows a
different path: the cleaning process is fully automatic, simultaneously for
both sides, ultrasonically, and by means of counter-rotating microfibre
cleaning barrels, with subsequent drying. This form of cleaning is not only
quieter and more convenient, it is above all highly effective and extremely
gentle on the disc’s surfaces. Your discs sparkle as never before and most
importantly: the sound is closer to the music.

With the VINYL CLEANER you can acquire a high-performance
disc cleaner, which is the realization of that which is possible, and in a cost
optimized form, and which you and your treasured record collection will enjoy
for a long time to come. Comes with 2 vials of a proprietary cleaning fluid
developed specifically for this machine. A container of the fluid concentrate
plus a gallon of distilled water cleans 150 new LP’s, or 100 used LP’s.

Records are precious:

Not only because they are excellent sound carriers. Often
the so-called “black gold” is an irreplaceable collector’s item. Even
when great care is taken, in the long time it is inevitable that records get

A gentle cleaning of the disc is particularly important to
preserve its value. Reiner Gläss, the brain behind Audiodesksysteme, has
developed a professional yet comfortable LP-washing machine – the
“Vinyl-Cleaner”. The Vinyl Cleaner is a fully automated machine that
sets new standards in user-friendlyness.

January 2016 has seen the release of the newest Vinyl
Cleaner evolution stage: The Vinyl Cleaner PRO! The PRO-version features an
independent drying process that is not coupled with the washing procedure,
better water drainage and other improvements.

Operating the Vinyl Cleaner PRO is very simple: Just insert
the disc into the machine’s opening and press the red button. A yellow LED
lights up and the gentle cleaning process runs fully automatically. Thereby
counter-rotating microfiber cleaning barrels and ultrasonic waves softly remove
even deep-sitting dirt particles from the record grooves. During operation the
machine permanently filters the cleaning fluid. Afterwards two special
high-performance motors guarantee an effective drying procedure of the record –
at very low volume levels. When, after a short period of time, the green LED
lights up the cleaned disc can be removed from the apparatus.

Colors: grey, white, red, black

Cleaning cycle: 5 minutes

Dimensions: 33cm wide x 20cm deep x 27cm high

Weight (empty): 5,5 kg

Water capacity: 4,5 Litres, cleaning concentrate 20 ml

Manufacturer’s guarantee: 2 years / Made in Germany

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Weight 0.00000000 lbs
Vinyl Cleaning Machine Add-ons

"7" Kit" for 2018 Vinyl Cleaner PRO, A Rings 7" & 10" Adaptor Ring Set, Black "Wipers" : Pair of Replacement Wiper Blades, Gingko Audio ClaraVu "Cover-all" Dust Cover for AudioDesk Vinyl Cleaner – VC, Gingko Audio ClaraVu Plinth/top Dust Cover for AudioDesk record cleaner VC-P, Pair of Replacement Fan Dust Covers, Rectangular Fluid Filter Replacement, Refresher Kit, 4 Fluid, Filter, Wipers, Micro Fiber Barrels, Set of 4 Microfiber Cleaning Barrels, Vinyl Cleaning Machine Fluid Concentrate : 1 Bottle, Vinyl Cleaning Machine Fluid Concentrate 4-Pak


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