Audio-Technica AT-ART9 Dual MC Moving Coil Cartridge


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Utilizing the same vibration system, neodymium magnet and
permendur yoke as the AT-OC9/III MicroCoil™ cartridge, the AT-ART9 is designed
to provide sound reproduction of the highest quality. The cartridge’s special
line contact stylus, with a 40 µm × 7 µm curvature radius and a 0.26 mm
diameter solid boron cantilever, enables an extremely accurate reading of the
record groove and faithful transfer of the signal from the stylus tip to the
magnetic coil. The VC mold design ensures stability and rigidity, while the
dual moving coil (fashioned from high-performance PCOCC wire) offers excellent
stereo separation and improved frequency response for long-lasting performance.
The hybrid housing of machined aluminum and hard plastic, along with the
machined aluminum base supporting the magnetic circuit and vibration system,
reduces unwanted resonance and supports stable playback.

  • Premium
    magnetic core moving coil type cartridge
  • Builds
    on basic magnetic design of the limited-edition AT50ANV and vibration
    system of the AT-OC9/III
  • Special
    line contact stylus and solid boron cantilever with a 0.26 mm diameter
  • Neodymium
    magnet and permendur yoke significantly increase magnetic energy
    used for coils and terminal pins
  • Very
    high-quality magnetic circuit
  • VC
    mold design ensures stability and rigidity, limiting unnecessary coil
    movement and reducing distortion
  • Hybrid
    body of machined aluminum and hard plastic reduces unnecessary resonance
  • Machined
    aluminum base
  • High-separation, wide-response dual moving coil

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