Audio-Technica AT-HA5050H Hybrid Headphone Amplifier

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All headphones are not the same. Each model has its own
character, its own sonic signature. That’s why we’ve created a headphone amp
that lets you choose from four different output impedances (two outputs each of
0.1, 33, 82 and 120 ohms) to experience a sound that best suits you and your

The AT-HA5050H is a hybrid Hi-Res Audio headphone amplifier – hybrid because it
employs a pair of tubes at the preamp stage and transistors at the power amp
stage. Having tubes in the preamp adds warmth and depth to the music, while the
bipolar transistors provide distortion-free Class A amplification that is
powerful enough to drive headphones of varying impedances without any problem.
To further optimize power supply in the amplifier, each part of the amplifier
is fed by individual power supply units with fast recovery diodes and
regulating circuitry. 

The AT-HA5050H is equipped with two analog inputs (L/R RCA line jacks and L/R
balanced XLR jacks) and two digital inputs (S/PDIF digital coaxial input and
USB input with selectable Asynchronous and Adaptive modes). The
state-of-the-art DAC is optimized to be compatible with digital audio formats
up to PCM 32-bit/384 kHz and DSD128. Additional features include classic analog
VU meters with VU range selector switch, large volume control knob, and an
input attenuator switch. 

  • Two
    E88CC vacuum tubes are used in the preamp stage to achieve the warm,
    mellow sound you can only get from tubes
  • A pair
    of Toshiba bipolar power transistors provide strong, driving power and
    high-quality sound
  • Sifam
    VU meters provide precise metering with a classic feel that matches the
    warm, analog tone from the tubes
  • Custom-made
    R-Core transformer counters spikes and instability in the power line,
    providing consistent, high-resolution amplifier performance with
    distinctive hybrid sonic characteristics
  • Lundahl
    transformers, Nichicon electrolytic capacitors and WIMA polyester
    capacitors are used to provide the best sound quality possible
  • Eight
    headphone jacks with choice of four different output impedances (0.1, 33,
    82 and 120 ohms x 2) give you control of the sonic presentation without
    the extra noise that might be introduced by an impedance selector switch
  • Two
    analog (unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR) and two digital (USB and SPDIF
    digital coaxial) inputs allow the amplifier to be used with a wide range
    of equipment
  • Includes
    power cable

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