Audioengine P4 Premium Passive Bookshelf Speakers (Bamboo)


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Audioengine P4 Premium Passive Bookshelf Speakers


A high-performance bookshelf speaker pair with the same
great looks and sound as our powered speakers. Experience the signature
Audioengine sound and quality but without our built-in amplifiers. Beautiful,
small, and affordable, P4 is the perfect choice for your living room, bedroom
or office and an ideal surround speaker for use with other Audioengine speakers
in your home theater or stereo system.

Why passive speakers?

The P4 passive speakers are full-sounding bookshelf speakers
in a satellite-sized package. The goal with P4 was to design a small but
powerful bookshelf speaker for people that already have surround receivers or
amplifiers and are looking for the same Audioengine sound and quality in a
passive loudspeaker.

Already have an amplifier?

“If you already have an power amp or don’t want to give
up that big surround receiver then the P4 is for you. The P4 has excellent bass
response for its size, which is evident when used either as stereo speakers or
as satellite surround speakers in your home theater setup. P4 sounds great
sitting on stands, on a bookshelf, or mounted on a wall using the integrated
threaded inserts which are compatible with most wall or ceiling mount bracket

Part of the Family

Audioengine active and passive speaker models share a
similar “voicing” and overall tuning so that you are assured a
matched system no matter which of our speakers or Audioengine wireless adapters
you decide to add to your system.


The P4 passive speakers are perfect for digital hybrid
amplifiers (Class-D, Class-T, etc.) as well as most stereo receivers,
integrated amps, and tube amplifiers. The P4 has a 4 ohm impedance rating but
will sound great when connected to almost any receiver or power amp with 4, 6
or 8 ohm speaker output impedance.

Hear the Difference

The Audioengine P4 sets a new level of quality and easy
setup. Mount a pair on a wall or stand as surround speakers in a home theater
system or place them on a shelf or table for a compact stereo setup. Even if
you’re not an audio enthusiast we guarantee you will still hear a difference!


4″ 2-way passive, front ported design

Hand-built and custom finished cabinets

5-way gold-plated binding posts

Silk dome tweeters and Kevlar woofers


Excellent performance for music and movies

Wall mount, stand or shelf placement

Works with

Digital hybrid amplifiers (Class-D, Class-T, etc.)

Stereo and surround sound receivers, integrated amps, tube amplifiers

Whole-house music systems such as the Sonos ZonePlayer 120

What’s in the box

(2) P4 Passive Speakers

(2) Drawstring Cloth Speaker Bags

(2) High-density foam isolation pads (attached)

(1) Setup Guide

(1) Product line brochure

Additional information

Weight 0.00000000 lbs


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