Bellari VP130 MK2 Tube Phono Preamplifier


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VP130 MK2 – Tube Phono Preamp

All new and ready to set more records 

It vividly and naturally recreates recordings and has a
uncanny ability to compliment any turntable. The Bellari VP130 further
defines its position as the price-to-performance world-beater,
do-everything-well, high fidelity phono preamplifier. You need vacuum
tubes in your life, and the 12AX7 tube in the VP130 is the perfect audio
upgrade to your system.

“The versatile Bellari looks great and it sounded as
good as it looks. It was quiet and golden-sweet and liquid in the midrange, as
you’d expect from a 12AX7-based phono preamp. I wasn’t expecting its top end to
be so nicely extended, fast, and clean, or its bass to be so snappy,
articulate, and extended. Every type of music I played through the surprising
little Bellari sounded full-bodied and rich, yet detailed and crisply rendered.
The Bellari gets my highest recommendation, and is the budget phono preamp I
will now recommend for every genre of music…get a Bellari and a budget
turntable, and I promise that your CDs will start to gather dust!”

Michael Fremer, Stereophile

“The Bargain of a Lifetime Tube Phono Stage. For (this
price), the Bellari Tube Phonostage offers warm musical sound and may be just
what the doctor ordered for those who want to get into analog without loading
up the credit card.”
– The Absolute Sound

“I was surprised by how attractive and well balanced
it sounded: smooth and warm, yet open and crisply detailed. The Bellari seemed
to create a sound that was rich, natural and appealing. Surface noise was low,
and the music emerged from a crisp, clean, quiet background. It was an
excellent sound by almost any standards; one I was very happy to listen to. An
excellent performer at a very reasonable price!” 

Jimmy Hughes, HiFi


  • Cartridge
    Compatibility: Moving Magnet or High output Moving Coil
  • Gain:
    38.9 dB gain @ 1kHz with 12AX7 Tube
  • Input
    Impedance: 47k ohms
  • Output
    Impedance: 8-200 ohms Headphone, 100 ohms RCA
  • Equalization:
    RIAA +/- .9 dB, 20Hz to 20kHz
  • THD
    .05% @ 1KHz
  • S/N
    Ratio: 103 dB, unweighted
  • Crosstalk:
    -75 dB
  • Size: 6″w x 2.5″h x 5.4″d

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