Burson Audio Conductor 3 Reference Headphone Amp / DAC / Preamp

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The Best DAC / Headphone Amp / Preamp

Being the best of its time. This has been the sole design
goal of each Burson Conductor since 2007. The C3 Reference took 3 years to
built and it leaves the competition for dust.

Advanced Digital

The SABRE32/ESS9038Q2M DAC and XMOS USB receiver chips are
the most advanced and expensive in the industry. There are two ESS9038 DAC
chips in our C3 Reference and its USB receiver comes with customised driver by
Thesycon, Germany. The result is unsurpassed processing power, perfectly
playing back DSD512 and 38bit/786khz audio. The C3 Reference also features a
Bluetooth 5.0 receiver (Qualcomm/CSR8675) with aptX HD audio codec. It pushes
Bluetooth playback beyond CD quality and ease of use to the highest level.

Max Power X 5

The Burson proprietary Max Current Power Supply (MCPS) raises
voltage frequency from 50Hz to 170kHz, pushing noise beyond human hearing. Its
low impedance ensures abundant and instant energy for output transistors. The
C3 Reference uses 5 sets of MCPS: Which means, Display/Functionality, DAC,
analouge left and analouge right are all separately powered.

The Cool Case

Let’s face it, most audio equipment cases are ugly and
impractical. They usually have visible screws everywhere, sharp corners and
boring colours. Class-A amplifiers even have finger cutting heat-sinks! They
diminish the aesthetic of any living space especially modern desktops where
every other electronic is slick and refined.

Made from high-density aluminium and electroplated to
space-grey. The Cool Case has only 4 visible screws under its belly. It is also
a unified heat-sink that is 300% more efficient than previous Conductors. It is
audio jewellery at its finest and It looks and plays very cool.

Smooth Control

The all-new OLED screen and interface program deliver a
calming and intuitive user experience. Its machined solid aluminum knob offers
the fines control and feels luxurious.

The Sound

The first and most profound impression of the C3 Reference
is its overwhelming energy. It energises every note and space in between,
bringing absolute control and accuracy. Drum kicks hard and crisp while decays
sustaining and packed with micro-details. Listening to Masquerade from Phantom
of the Opera and you can easily locate and follow each performer as they move
around on a wide and deep stage. Kathy’s Song by Eva Cassidy. Her voice shines
like the sun. Warm, golden and eternally beautiful. The C3 Reference is a time
machine. Ride it to revisit these ingenious creations of beauty time after



Package Content

Input impedance:

40 KOhms

Conductor V3

USB Cable

Frequency response:

± 1 dB 0 – 58Khz

Remote Control

Warranty Card



RCA Cable

Output impedance (Headphone Amp):

0.5 Ohm

Power Cable

Output impedance (Pre Out / DAC Out):

1 Ohm / 25 Ohm



2 x RCA line-level input, USB, Optical Toslink, BlueTooth
5.0, microphone


app. 5 kg


1 x RCA Pre Amp, 1 X Line Level DAC Out, 2 x 6.3mm
Headphone Jack


255mm x 270mm x 70mm

Impedance (Headphone Jack)


Signal to Noise Ratio


16 Ohm




32 Ohm




100 Ohm




150 Ohm




300 Ohm




DAC Spec

Asynchronous Isochronous USB Spec

Channel Separation:

142 dB @ 1KHz, 135 dB @ 20KHz

Desktop OS:

Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 Mac OSX


0.0005% @ 1KHz, 0dBFS

Desktop OS:

iOS* , Android (OTG support)

COAX & Toslink / SPDIF :

up to 24bit 192K

PCM Support:

PCM ? 768kHz @ 16, 24 or 32bits

Native DSD:

Native DSD 64 / 128 / 256 / 512

Bluetooth Input

Bluetooth 5.0 aptX HD (Qualcomm CSR8675)

DSD over PCM:

DoP64 / DoP128 / DoP256/Dop512

Additional information

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