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Why Double Matrix Professional ? 
Many analog and music lovers, as well commercial and professional organisations asked us how it is 
possible to clean vinyl records both thoroughly and quickly, and if placing the just-cleaned side of the 
record on the potentially dirty turntable platter can be avoided during the process. 
It is obvious when cleaning large numbers of records, especially under commercial circumstances, that 
time is money. 
To achieve this goal clearaudio set about designing a semi-automatic record cleaning machine that 
would perfectly clean both LPs and EPs, eliminate any electrostatic charge, without the need to flip the 
record over and complete this process within one minute. This required a revolutionary and 
outstanding product to be developed. An intensive research and development program led clearaudio
to achieve not only these criteria but also the additional goals of efficiency, easy-of-use and longevity. 
The result is the clearaudio Double Matrix Professional.
Materials and craftsmanship 
The clearaudio Double Matrix Professional is massively constructed from the highest grade of 
materials and components. The rigid housing is machined from 4.5 mm thick aluminum plates and the 
platter is made out of 10 mm thick aluminum. The corner poles, feet and the fluid tank are made out 
of very rigid materials. This contributes towards the substantial total weight of approximately 16.5 kg. 

The following improvements had been achieved for the new “Double Matrix Professional”:
– shapely, stable housing made of aluminium
– loudness level in operation significant reduced
– optimized , powerful vacuum device
– continuously adjustable rotation speed control
– efficient and exhaustive washing process of both record sides within 1 minute
– due to usage of exclusively high-quality parts the record cleaning machine is also suitable for a professional continuous operation
– 100%-production at the clearaudio factory

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