Degritter External Water Tank


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SKU: Extra Water Tank
Brand: Degritter


Extra external water tank with lid, that can be used for quickly replacing water in Degritter record cleaning machine

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  1. Mike T

    OK, let’s say I’ve tried a lot of ways to clean my records, new and old. Many chemicals, steam cleaning, vacuum style machines, and other ultrasonic machines. NOTHING, I mean NOTHING had worked so well. NOTHING!
    I cleaned an original pressing of Genesis-Duke I stole from my girlfriend 40 years ago. Let’s just say it was pretty noisy. So noisy I but one of those putrid remix releases.
    After 3 "Heavy" cycles on this machine, it sounds nearly new! Absolutely dumbfounded.
    I use 1 part TM8 to 5 parts distilled water. Just enough surfactant to assist the process. No rinse necessary with this product.
    Diluted Tergikleen works just well, but requires a rinse cycle. This is less expensive solution, but you should have an extra water tank for 2 step cleaning (I do).
    Unabashedly recommend!

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