Entreq Konstantin 3.3 Meter Headphone Cable for Sennheiser HD 800


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Your headphone may perform far better than you can imagine. Give them a fair chance to provide you with the best musical experience they can. You might be surprised at the significant improvement you will achieve when replacing your standard headphone cable.

We are using a 1,5 square mm conductor area for each cannel and as always with Entreq cables we try to avoid metal.

We are using our EEDS (External Earth Drain System) even in this cable, but there are no connection for grounding on the Headphone cables.

Edition 2012

We have given all of our products a total make over for the new decennium.

Connector has been improved by using CNC machines in the manufacturing process. This allow us to use less metal and plastic witch make them fit better and most important even sound better.


  • DIC (Dedicated Integrated Contacts) to ensure a straight line and reduce whirl currents. 
  • Solder free contact points 
  • EEDS (External Earth Drain System) to lead away interruption from the signal path without leading it into the electronic equipment. 
  • Shot gun principle to minimise the impact of the magnetic fields on the signal transmission. 
  • Naturally coloured cotton wrapping. Synthetic materials and colour pigments are conductive (static electricity) and have a negative impact on the signal transmission.   
  • Asymmetrical construction to minimise magnetic interference.  
  • Length of cables adjusted to reduce antenna impact. Each cable behaves like an antenna and sends and receives. Some lengths are more insensitive than others.

The Konstantin 2012 headphone cable is also available for HiFi Man, and Audeze. (SPECIAL ORDER)

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