Furutech ASB-1 Select Series Antistatic Brush


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Brand: Furutech


ASB-1 is a static eliminating brush created for audio and
video applications. Featuring “COREBRID ™ B” composite core fibers, a
unique highly conductive material developed by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation.

By lightly brushing the surface CDs, DVDs and LPs, the ASB-1
will remove static charge and at the same time remove any dust from the grooves
of LPs. This revolutionary product solves in one simple sweep the problem of
electro static noise and deteriorating sound and image quality.

Use of revolutionary COREBRID ™ B (core and sheath) hybrid
fibers with their amazing antistatic properties and durability has allowed us
to deliver in the ASB-1, one of the most versatile and effective audio video
antistatic accessories available.

COREBRID ™ B is a core-sheath composite conductive acrylic
hybrid fiber. The core of the fiber is formed of high-density carbon-based
super conductive particles that conduct the static charge away to ground.
Conventional antistatic brushes attract static charge to cling to the fibers of
the brush where they can easily be discharged back onto media surfaces. With
the ASB-1 static charge is conducted away through the core of the fibers,
rather than on the surface for a more effective result – static is trapped and
forced to ground. The surface of the COREBRID fibers is a tough abrasion
resistant outer 30㎛ sheath, making them extremely durable. This allows the
ASB-1 fibers to be used time and again without wear or damage to the special
conductive core. And the special enlarged ends of the hybrid fibers offer
dramatically increased generation of corona discharge and the most effective
static elimination results seen in an antistatic brush.


When lightly brushing lenses, screens, CDs, Blu-rays or LPs,
place one finger on the metal band that holds the bristles in place, thus
providing an earth, removing most electrostatic charge and improving sound and


  • Analog records (LPs)
  • Optical disc (CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, etc.)
  • Projector Screens
  • Camera Lenses
  • Other static charged devices, parts

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