Gingko Audio Cloud 9S Vibration Control for VPI Scout/Scoutmaster


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A Cloud 9 vibration control platform designed for the VPI

The Cloud 9S™ vibration control platform (model code 9S) was
designed specifically for the popular VPI Scout/Scoutmaster turntable. The
shape of the platform base follows the contour of the Scout/Scoutmaster plinth.
It also features a separate plate for the motor to isolate motor noise from the
plinth. The placement of the dimples allows many combinations of ball positions
to accommodate weights ranging from the Scout to the Scoutmaster with Super

In all three models of the Cloud 9 series, the balls support
the bottom side of the plinth for a lower profile. The silver cone feet will go
through the four corner holes and be lifted off the shelf, further isolating
the plinth from shelf vibration. For high performance and safety, the base has
the same double thickness as the Cloud 11™, which prevents the balls from
rolling off the dimples.


19 x 14 x 2 in

Acrylic finish


* Does not include the turntable

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