Goldring Legacy Series Phono Cartridge

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SKU: Legacy
Brand: Goldring


To ensure a record cartridge reproduces an accurate
transcription of the record groove, the cartridge components must be rigidly
mounted to the tone arm, whilst simultaneously allowing the tiniest movements
of the diamond stylus to be transmitted, via the cantilever, to the sensing
coils. The Legacy boasts an ultra low resonance magnesium metal body which is
both very light and extremely strong. For convenience and rigidity, it has
threaded inserts allowing the cartridge to be easily mounted and accurately aligned
into the headshell. The stylus is a very low mass ‘Vital’ fine line diamond,
which is highly polished and gives extremely low distortion. To maintain
rigidity, this is attached to a hard alloy cantilever which transfers the
maximum level of detail from the diamond to the coils; the latter are hand
wound using only the highest purity copper. 

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