HiFiMAN Crystalline Copper-Silver 3m Cable for HE1000 V2 (4-pin XLR plug)


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SKU: HiFiMAN HE1000 V2 Crystalline 3m Cable with 4-pin XLR plug
Brand: HiFiMAN


Crystalline Copper-Silver XLR 4 Pin Balanced Cable for HE1000 V2

HE1000 V2 Stock Balanced Cable (3m / 4-pin XLR plug)

HIFIMAN only uses the finest cables for their
headphones and each model features a cable specially designed for it. HE1000 V2
is supplied with a newly upgraded cable made with stronger, further improved
materials (of crystalline copper and crystalline silver wire) custom designed
for wide frequency range, low signal loss and enhanced emphasis on the low end
for quality audio reproduction. The 4-pin XLR plug allows fully balanced driver

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