HiFiMAN Svanar Wireless LE Light Luxury True Wireless In-Ear Monitor Earphones


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The new SVANAR Wireless LE is a full range high-performance Bluetooth 5.2 earbud that features a custom version of HIFIMAN’s Hymalaya multi-bit ladder DAC/AMP module that results in clearly audible sonic improvements over standard wireless receivers built-in 1 bit DAC chips. Combined with the headphone amplifier module, the SVANAR Wireless LE brings a sense of realism and a wide soundstage to audio streamed from smartphones, tablets, Digital Audio Players (DAP), and any Bluetooth device. 

“The SVANAR Wireless LE is a slightly scaled back version of our reference SVANAR Wireless, designed for demanding music lovers who want the best possible performance from their phones and other sources,” said Dr. Fang Bian, Founder, and CEO, HIFIMAN Electronics. “From sonics to ergonomics, the SVANAR Wireless LE is designed to bring hours of listening pleasure to everyone who takes their music seriously.”

In addition to the Hymalaya DAC, SVANAR Wireless LE features HIFIMAN Electronics’ Topology Diaphragm: each earbud’s diaphragm, which converts mechanical vibrations to sound, is covered with a Nano particle coating that contributes to significantly greater sonic detail than is typically associated with True Wireless earphones. 

SVANAR Wireless LE is designed to be enjoyed on-the-go, with ANC Deep Noise Cancellation that accurately identifies and eliminates noise up to -35dB. Also, SVANAR Wireless LE is IPX5-rated for resistance to sweat and dirt over hours of uninterrupted activity. 

The frequency range of SVANAR Wireless LE is 10Hz to 35KHz. The on-board amp output is rated at 45mW. Average battery time is four-to-seven hours, depending upon usage. Earbuds, each of which weigh 8g, can be charged three times before needing to recharge the case.

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