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Helix is the result of years of continuous auditory research and driver development led by Legacy Audio’s chief designer and founder, Bill Dudleston.
The HELIX speaker system applies cutting edge technologies to establish new performance standards.


HELIX preserves clarity by avoiding early room reflections.
• HELIX utilizes the exclusive Wavelaunch algorithm for acoustic steering.
• HELIX broadens the listening “sweet spot” via longer projection.
• HELIX delivers greater than 120 dB of SPL full spectrum.
• HELIX utilizes separate amplification for each drive section.
• HELIX benefits from built-in stereo subwoofers powered by 750 watts of ICEpower® amplification for lower distortion and greater spatial integrity.

Helix is the world’s most advanced loudspeaker system. Building a more dynamic speaker is like constructing a greater geometric pyramid. Achieving higher peaks demands a proportionally greater base (or in this case, bass).

With assistance from component manufacturers from France, Italy and Canada, Legacy has developed a unique family of drivers for the HELIX system. Symmetrically arrayed neodymium mid-bass and midrange drivers provide a carefully shaped directivity pattern that virtually eliminates sidewall and early floor reflections. A pair of 1” tweeters are splayed precisely to compliment this radiation pattern. Each tweeter takes advantage of dual-pole neodymium magnets. A special lens was designed to provide acoustical impedance to the diaphragms and prevent comb filtering.

Deep bass notes emerge from the Silver-Graphite/Rohacell reinforced 15” subwoofer. This ultra-long throw driver is rear firing for the earliest pressurization and rarefaction. Mounted just above this rear woofer is a phase compensated, wave-terminating 15” driver which minimizes buildup of standing waves.

Digital Steering
HELIX architecture is based around a sophisticated digital time-compensating processor. Within the digital matrix, the transfer functions for each driver can be derived via summation and subtraction, parametrically equalized, and then time shifted. The result is accuracy; a totally coherent, spatially integrated, acoustic event. Custom room adjustments are readily implemented via serial/USB port.

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  1. Marco Chacon

    Speakers so loud they’ll blow a girls clothes off. 10/10 😉

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