M2Tech Evo Clock Two Precision Master Clock and WORD Clock Generator


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Evo Clock Two


The Evo Clock Two is a high precision Word Clock and Master Clock generator,
which is perfectly tailored to the hiFace Evo Two, but which can work perfectly
with many other equipment accepting a word clock.

Its internal high stability and low phase noise TCXO’s are routed and divided
by a highest precision clock conditioner generally used for digital data
transmission over satellite links.

Automatic frequency selection is performed when the Evo Clock Two is connected
to the hiFace Evo Two by the dedicated optical link.

Various clocks arrangements are available to accommodate PCM and DSD setups. A
10MHz master clock option can be selected to work with all those DAC’s which
accept the standard 10MHz master clock

A cute LCD display shows the selected sampling frequency. Manual frequency
selection is done by two buttons.

The new casework with the brushed aluminium front panel and the crowded but
complete back panel gathering all connections make for a better integration
with the listening room interior design.


1) VERY LOW PHASE NOISE, HIGH PRECISION TCXO’S. The Evo Clock Two uses two very
high quality TCXO’s (Temperature Compensated Xtal Oscillator) to generate the
two reference master clocks. These components feature a very low phase noise
(-100dBc/Hz @ 10Hz, -155dBc/Hz @ 100kHz) which results in an extremely low

internal PLL, designed to generate the ultra-precise and ultra-stable clocks
for satellite communication, is used in the Evo Clock Two to route and divide
the reference clocks to obtain the desired value at outputs. Its operation is
so precise that the addictive jitter is negligible.

3) ULTRA-LOW NOISE REGULATORS. The Evo Clock Two features ultra-low-noise
regulators that feed all critical circuits (TCXO’s, clock routing and dividing
IC) in order to avoid noise being injected through the supplies. 4) DSD
DEDICATED CLOCKS. Special clock configurations are available which fit DSD

5) 10MHZ STANDARD CLOCK. Many DAC’s accept a standard 10MHz clock from which
they synthesize their master clock. The Evo Clock Two can also deliver this
standard clock.

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