MartinLogan PBK Perfect Bass Kit Subwoofer Room Correction System


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The Martin Logan PBK Stands Alone in Optimizing Bass Performance

Even when a MartinLogan subwoofer is ideally placed, the dynamics of each listening environment present a unique challenge for bass performance. The MartinLogan Perfect Bass Kit (PBK) learns vital information about your unique space, transforming the subwoofer’s performance for perfect bass, every time.

The PBK system employs your PC, connected via USB to a microphone and your MartinLogan subwoofer, to identify problem areas in your listening environment. The PBK processes information from multiple data points and configures the optimal solution, achieving pinpoint-accurate room response.

Multiple Microphone Measurements Ensure Accuracy

Current room equalization systems are capable of taking a single measurement at the primary listening position. PBK utilizes multiple measurement points, at least five – but up to ten – individual data positions, allowing PBK to learn the individual characteristics of your room.

PBK is Audiophile-Accurate

The PBK employs your PC’s processor to calculate correction curves for each measurement point, substantially minimizing the rounding errors of less sophisticated ‘calculators,’ like those used in standard room equalization systems. Additionally, PBK’s software is capable of calibrating itself to the unique performance characteristics of your individual microphone.

  • Optimizes the bass performance of MartinLogan’s Dynamo 1500x
  • Analyzes and corrects for room acoustics
  • Can measure up to 10 individual data positions
  • Includes microphone and software
  • Uses your own PC (required)

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