MartinLogan Vanquish High Performance In-Ceiling Speaker

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Martin Logan Ultimate Reference In-ceiling Speaker

Vanquish is MartinLogan’s ultimate reference in-ceiling speaker for left, right, center, or surround channel applications. Massive bass performance comes from the 8″ black aluminum cone woofer while two 3.5″ black aluminum mid- woofers and a low-distortion Folded Motion™ XT tweeter give it richly detailed highs, and an open, revealing midrange.

Vanquish’s robust mounting-lock system is coupled with a rigid aluminum chassis. When not in use, the constant-control mounting locks are held securely within a self-contained housing. When moved into place during installation, they couple the chassis firmly to the ceiling. If the speaker is removed, the locks retract and latch themselves back in their housings.

Installers, rejoice! Each Vanquish comes with a one-handed installer’s handle to easily hold during installation. Left/Center/Right/Surround toggle switches allow performance to be tailored to match the specific application post-installation. Chassis can be rotated allowing tweeter to be precisely pointed at the listening area.

MartinLogan’s Stealth Series

The Stealth Series is the pinnacle of discreet high-performance audio featuring MartinLogan’s most ambitious architectural speakers to date for the ultimate in-wall or in-ceiling reference. The Stealth line includes the Axis, Edge, and Vanquish speakers.

Designed for audiophiles seeking the world’s most articulate and dynamic multi-channel home theater systems or a stealthy reference-quality two-channel system, Stealth Series speakers are voice and timbre-matched with MartinLogan’s ultra-premium electrostatic speakers.

Premium wire connections, a gloss piano-black speaker baffle that hides all mounting hardware, a solid one-piece cast aluminum chassis, and low-profile bezel-less magnetic grilles put the Stealth Series in a class of its own.

Folded Motion XT Tweeter

MartinLogan’s exquisite Folded Motion™ XT tweeter, with its large radiating surface, works by moving air perpendicular to the folded ridges of the diaphragm, similar to how an accordion works. This extremely low mass diaphragm ‘squeezes’ air, requiring almost 90 percent less excursion than a typical 1″ dome tweeter. This drastically minimizes distortion while providing lightning-fast transient response. The increased surface area also delivers wide, yet controlled dispersion ensuring a breathtakingly realistic and delicately etched soundstage.

Vojtko Crossover Network

Vojtko crossover topology ensures that the Vanquish has vanishingly low distortion and seamless driver integration. Each crossover is hand-built on a super-thick, double-layered black PC board using the finest polypropylene and low-DF electrolytic capacitors, massive air coils, custom wound inductors, and 16-gauge copper wire, with thermal and current protection. Every note and nuance of the audio signal is perfectly preserved.

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