Musical Fidelity MX-VYNL High Performance Phono Stage (Black)


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The MX-VYNL is a fully balanced, very high performance phono
stage, able to operate with virtually any moving coil or moving magnet
cartridge. With both traditional RCA inputs and our unique XLR fully balanced
connection the MX-VYNL can be connected to 2 turntables simultaneously.

The MX-VNYL offers a wide range of input impedance settings
for moving coil cartridges as well as several capacitance settings for moving
magnet units. Unlike many of our competitors units the MX-VYNL allows easy
adjustment of these settings while playing. This allows easy experimentation
and tuning to find the optimum setting for all your equipment.

The MX-VYNL also includes our renowned RIAA correction that
offers extremely accurate results to beyond 80kHz. That may sound extreme, but
there is a good deal of information above 20 kHz that needs correction. If it
isn’t corrected, it will show itself as ringing and overshoot.

With both extraordinarily low noise and exceptional overload
margin the MX-VYNL can comfortably handle even the most demanding of cartridges
and satisfy the most discerning of listeners.

MX-VYNL in brief

  • Fully
    balanced XLR and traditional RCA inputs
  • Fully
    balanced XLR and traditional RCA outputs
  • Fully
    isolated inputs allow for switching between two turntables at once
  • Adjustable
    input impedance on MC whilst it is playing
  • Adjustable
    capacitance on MM whilst it is playing
  • Very
    wide overload margin
  • Accurate
    RIAA to beyond 80kHz
  • Incredible
    noise ratio
  • Low
    impedance output
  • State
    of the art SMD technology
  • Beautiful
    aesthetics and build quality

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