Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista Vinyl Tube-Balanced Phono Stage (Silver)

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The Nu-Vista Vinyl is a reference level phono stage using
Nuvistor tubes.

The Nu-Vista Vinyl was a labour of love for MF. We love
phono, we adore tubes, we are passionate about Nuvistors. We relished, revelled
and basked in the pure joy of designing a product of our dreams.

One quick look at the Nu-Vista Vinyl’s wonderful visuals
confirms our feelings.

We set out to make a phono stage without any practical limits.
Essentially, in real life, you cannot overload the input stage or find any
practical limitations in the output driving capacity.  Single ended or

It has five inputs, each can be set for either MM/MC and
exact loading. It will remember those settings.

Sound Quality

The true point of any electronic, actually any audio
component, is that you don’t know it is there. You completely forget its

By that criteria the Nu-Vista Vinyl is almost perfect. It
has no practical audible noise, it doesn’t really have distortion, you cannot
overload its input or output, you can load your cartridge perfectly.

It exists to serve, serve the music. To bring the artists
intent, emotions and passion to your ears and heart.

Yeah, we can talk about bass (deep, deep, deep),
imaging (tactile, holographic), high frequency clarity with no sibilence….and
on and on. Yeah, It does all those things…..but the big thing it does, the
thing that matters ….is that it eases your soul by getting you to the heart
of the music.

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