Oracle Audio Silicone Damping Kit for Pro-Ject/Music Hall 9cc or Paris Tonearms


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About the Project 9cc / Paris damping kit

If you are the owner of a Project 9cc or Paris
tonearms, know that Oracle Audio has developed a micro vibration damping device
that greatly enhance the performance level of your tonearm! The project 9cc
damping kit consists of two key elements; a small clamp that is attached to the
arm tube and an arc-shaped silicone fluid trough that is attached to the base
of the tonearm.  The clamp attached to the arm tube is equipped with an
adjustable plunger screw that dips into the silicone fluid. The result is a
dissipation of micros vibrations and inner arm tube resonances which will very
significantly enhance the sonic performance of your toneram.  The project
9cc damping kit comes with all the instructions to make the installation easy.

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