Rega 10mm thick Glass Platter and Black Wool Turntable Mat Combo


SKU: 10mm Glass Platter & Wool Mat Black


Rega Replacement Glass Platter:

Genuine Rega replacement 10mm thick platter for Planar 2

This is a great upgrade for the Planar 1, RP1 and P1
turntables, while maintaining stock platter thickness.

Also can be used with RP3, P3-24 and P5 turntables.

295mm ≈  diameter x
10mm ≈  thick.  18mm ≈  center hole diameter

Rega Wool Turntable Mat Black:

It is now possible to customize the look of your Rega turntable
using a variety of new colored mats.

The turntable mats are made from 100% wool.

They are 2 mm in thickness.

Suitable for use with the Rega RP1 P2, P3, RP3, P5, RP6 and
P7 turntables.

These mats are NOT suitable for use with the P9

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