Rega Planar 1 Turntable


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The new
Planar 1 is the most user friendly Rega turntable to date. Now with preset
bias force on the brand new RB110 tonearm, the Planar 1 is set up in
seconds after unpacking. Simply slide the balance weight onto the rear of
the tonearm as far as it will go, remove the stylus guard and start spinning
your favourite vinyl.

Performance beyond price

Every single aspect of the Planar 1 has been meticulously designed to
improve performance. For the first time the Planar 1 is now running a 24v,
low noise, synchronous motor to reduce vibration transfer combined
with our brand new RB110 tonearm fitted with Rega’s bespoke zero
play bearings. Only sharing the drive belt, sub platter and dust
cover from the outgoing RP1, this is truly a new turntable for 2016.

If you
are looking to get back into vinyl and want serious performance that will
last you a lifetime, then look no further.

Key Features:


Brand new RB110 tonearm built with the new Rega designed, bespoke, zero play
bearings with ultra-low friction performance (Patent Pending). New bias
assembly and integrated arm clip. Includes automatic bias adjustment
negating the need for the user to set bias, making this the most ‘Plug &
Play’ turntable we have ever manufactured. New ergonomically, re-designed
and stiffer headshell for improved usability and appearance.


Rega Carbon cartridge supplied fitted as standard.

24v synchronous motor

The first entry level Rega turntable to use a 24v, synchronous AC motor with a
new motor PCB and aluminium pulley offering low noise and better speed


Brand new Thermoset, gloss laminated plinth with vastly improved appearance and
new ergonomically positioned on/off switch located on the underside. Two
stunning plinth finishes available, gloss black and gloss white.

Central Bearing housing

Re-designed brass main bearing, offering improved fit and removing stress on
the bearing itself whilst minimising the transfer of potential energy. (Patent


Brand new, 23mm, higher mass, phenolic platter with improved flywheel effect
for improved speed stability.

Re-Designed feet

New improved feet to increase stability and reduce vibration transfer.

Motor cover tray

New motor cover tray with integrated cooling.

Balance Weight

New 111g ‘Plug and Play’ balance weight.

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