Rogue Audio Hydra Tube/Class D Hybrid Amplifier (Black)


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Rogue Audio Hydra
Tube/Class D Hybrid Amplifier


Hydra Output power : 100/200 WPC 8/4

Imagine a new kind of amplifier that combines the best of
both the solid state and tube technologies. An energy efficient
“green” design requiring no tube biasing or regular maintenance. An
amplifier having the smooth and organic sound that only tubes can provide
combined with the dynamics and slam of the solid state. Such an amplifier now
exists! Critics are already using words like “Groundbreaking” and
“Revolutionary” to describe our new tube/Class D hybrid amplifiers.

This amplifier is much more than simply a tube circuit
placed in front of a class D output section.  Our proprietary circuit
toplogy actually integrates the tube section into the amplifer yielding the
smooth natural sound that only a tube amp can provide. With almost uncanny
accuracy the Hydra deliver stunning dynamics and transparency without any of
the edgy, etched or grainy sound that often accompanies solid state designs. A
low power standby mode allows critical amplifier sections to remain
continuously powered on (if desired) and a slow start feature allows the tubes
to warm up gradually to eliminate turn-on noise and greatly extend tube life.
Three massive linear power supplies are used to power the amplifier circuitry
and ultra-high quality parts are used exclusively throughout the design.
Combined with a stunning appearance, you can be certain that you are investing
in an amplifier that truly represents the very leading edge of audio

General Features:

– Large high performance torodal transformers

– Massive linear power supplies

– Balanced (XLR) and single ended (RCA) inputs
– Heavy-duty gold plated binding posts
– Two 12AU7 tube complement

– Short circuit protection
– Standby circuitry for solid state components
– Slow start circuit for extended tube life
– Machined aluminum faceplate

– Heavy (2 ounce) copper circuit board

– All precision components

– Fully tested, burned in, and auditioned

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