RTI CX7 7 inch Countertop/Under-Cabinet Touchpanel

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Brand: RTI


From the kitchen countertop to the conference room, the hardwired CX7 is perfect wherever “always on”, intuitive control is required.

The CX7 has a 7” LCD touchpanel with adjustable tilt, allowing the display to be angled straight up to nearly flat. The CX7 can even be mounted inverted under a cabinet utilizing the included mounting bracket. Additional features include wired and wireless Ethernet for two-way control, digital video (motion JPEG) and web browsing, while analog audio/video inputs and stereo speakers provide video viewing from sources such as satellite TV or security cameras.

800×480 WVGA LCD with integrated multi-touch capacitive touch screen.
• Composite, S-Video or Component video input at up to 480i, 576i, 480p or 576p.
• Analog audio input and stereo speakers.
• Integrated 10/100 Base-T and 802.11 Wireless Ethernet.
• Built-in high output IR port for direct control.
• Powered using power supply, CB8 or PoE (Power over Ethernet)
• Optional modules/processors provide additional two-way control.
• USB and Ethernet Programming.
• Adjustable tilt display (from 10°-90°) or unit can be mounted under a cabinet.

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