RTI RKM1+ 9 Button Single Gang Multi Room LED Keypad

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Brand: RTI


The RKM-1+ is a simple, intuitive keypad designed for multi-room audio control. Eight fullyprogrammable hard buttons and an open architecture provide the flexibility to control almost any multizone receiver or distributed audio system. The RKM-1+ incorporates a customizable LED backlit film which provides two-way feedback of power status, selected source, and volume level when used along with RTI XP processors and supported distributed audio systems. Sized for a single gang electrical box, the RKM-1+ is perfect for flush-mount installations in walls or cabinets and ships with white, black and light almond faceplate and buttons. 

Provides feedback from distributed audio systems (ex. AD-4/AD-8) and multi-zone receivers via any RTI XP series control processor.
Includes white, black, and light almond faceplate/buttons.
Use any standard Decora type faceplate.
Fits in a single gang outlet box.
Eight selectable sources.
Backlit volume level indicator.
Customizable LED backlit film source indicator.
Custom laser-etched LED films may be ordered using LaserShark.
Open architecture allows control of virtually anything.
IR output port drives up to 1000 feet of wire.
Completely customizable and programmable.
Optional modules/processors for voltage sensing (to monitor power status of equipment) and two-way control.
USB Programming.

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