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The Sonance SM55 surface mount speaker is the perfect solution for those who demand quality sound but cannot use flush-mount in-ceiling speakers. In the SM55, Sonance engineers have created a speaker that sounds great, yet is decor-friendly, very easy to install and doesn’t require a mounting hole.

The clever mounting system allows the SM55 to be installed in a matter of minutes, using only a screwdriver. A mounting plate receives the speaker connections from the amplifier, and then attaches to a standard in-ceiling J-box via two screws. As the installer places the SM55’s bottom surface against the mounting plate, six powerful neodymium magnets on the SM55’s bottom surface securely attaches it to the mounting plate — that’s all there is to it. Once installed, the installer can rotate the speaker to align it with other features of the room’s decor.

A new coaxial woofer/tweeter driver featuring a 51⁄4” carbon fiber cone woofer and a 1” silk dome tweeter guarantees high-quality reproduction of music and voices. The driver’s coaxial design reduces tonal colorations and improves stereo imaging, providing excellent sound quality, even when the speakers must be mounted in less-than-ideal locations.

The SM55’s enclosure has a low-profile domed shape, ensuring that the speaker’s sound covers as wide an area as possible. The enclosure is fabricated from a dense polypropylene material that absorbs vibrations, reducing resonances and improving sonic clarity. The perforated aluminum grille and its ABS support frame (which completely cover the speaker) can be painted to match the decor in a one-step process that saves time compared to traditional flanged speakers.

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