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The SOTA Reflex Clamp is a unique, compound action clamp, which works like no other record holding device.  Designed for use with any turntable having a conventional (non-removable) spindle. The SOTA Reflex Clamp is easy to use, and from our experience is the best sounding of all mechanical clamps. Because of its rigid and self-damping polymer construction, the clamp avoids the usual sonic signatures associated with other clamps. It has been designed to be neutral, and force the mat to do the damping. Therefore, an alternative transmission path is provided for vinyl resonances. It also avoids reflecting energy back into the vinyl, which would otherwise result in degradation and coloration of the sound.

Use of the SOTA Reflex Clamp will increase lower and upper extension. You will notice that the sound stage improves and the image becomes more coherent. In addition, the transient responses will improve and the sense of air around the instruments becomes more obvious. SOTA Reflex Clamp is at its best when used with the SOTA Supermat or Vinyl Format Mat. This combination will result in a major improvement in any turntable it is used on.

“The Reflex Clamp is the best-built, and most effective design I have come across.” – Geoff Husband, TNT Audio, France, January 2004

Directions For Use:
1. Place the black rubber washer over the spindle and onto the mat surface.
2. Place the record on top of the washer and mat.
3. Place the clamp over the spindle with the level in the up position.
4. Press the clamp firmly down.  The clamp body may be held with other hand to steady the clamp.
5. Close the lever downwards to achieve the clamping action.  The record should now be forced flat against the mat and ready for use. 

Dimensions: 1 1/2″H x 3 1/2″D
Weight: 7.8oz.

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