Soundsmith CI Counter Intuitive for VPI tonearms


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The SoundSmith Counter Intuitive is a Must-Have Upgrade For VPI Tonearms!

The Counter Intuitive Allows Highly Accurate Tracking Force and Azimuth Settings!

The Counter Intuitive is designed to assist you in dialing in the exact tracking force and azimuth on a VPI tonearm. It’s a C-Clamp which slides over your existing counterweight, allowing easy and precise independent adjustment of the tracking force and azimuth. Just apply the sticker and slide the Counter Intuitive over the stock weight, then just set the tracking force and azimuth as you normally would. Then tighten the Allen screw, which is almost impossible to do without the counterwei ght moving slightly. Once the counterweight has been tightened down, the Counter Intuitive can be gently rotated for fine adjustments of your cartridge’s azimuth and slides back and forth for fine, accurate adjustments to your tracking forceThis is simply brilliant!

Supremely Intuitive
The SoundSmith Counter Intuitive is a “C”-Clamp design which slides over the counterweight allowing easy and high precision independent adjustments of both tracking force and azimuth, eliminating the frustration of “counterweight-slide” syndrome. Once the sticker has been applied and the Counter Intuitive has been slid over the counterweight, set the tracking force and azimuth as you normally would. Once the counterweight has been tightened down, the Counter Intuitive can be gently rotated for fine adjustments in azimuth and slides back and forth for fine adjustments to tracking force. Brilliant!

Intuitively Ingenious
Each Counter Intuitive is made of a thermally stable damping polymer composite with brass inserts. Individually hand machined to exacting specs, the Counter Intuitive is designed to last a lifetime. Depending on which counterweight is used, the Counter Intuitive allows up to ±0.2-0.3 Gm of fine tracking force adjustment plus azimuth control. The Counter Intuitive moves easily over the plasticized sticker, but holds position once the correct setting is achieved.

Intuitive Stickers

A pair of Wide stickers marked in a grid pattern are included with each 
Counter Intuitive. These may be cut to fit any VPI weight as shown in the image above and are then adhered to the counterweight creating a high-level of repeat-ability. The stickers are protected with a thick 2mil clear plastic overlay, so light markings can be made with pen, pencil or marker and later removed if necessary. The stickers are highly-adhesive and will affix themselves semi-permanently to the counterweight after 24 hours, however, for the first several hours after adhesion they can be carefully removed and re-positioned without damage.

Kit includes two adhesive scales and attachment weight. (VPI arm weight shown in pictures is not included)

Soundsmith’s Counter “Intuitive

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The Soundsmith Counter “Intuitive”


VPI turntables tonearms (The CI device wortks witn any undersling counterweight from VPI):

3-D tone arms


JMW-9 Signature


The Classic Arm


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