Soundsmith MMP3 MKII High-End Low-Noise MM Phono Preamplifier


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Brand: Soundsmith


** Newly Updated and Improved! **

An upgrade in quality does not have to deplete your wallet.

The Soundsmith MMP & MCP preamps are revolutionary
designs for their price – and the comments we get at each hi-fi show prove it.
These preamps are what we use to demo our cartridges at all our shows even our
high end cartridge designs –

Each hand – made preamp circuit is housed in a high quality
aluminum case, powered by an external DC power supply, with easy to set up
instructions. All amplifiers have extremely accurate RIAA equalization


· Specifications

Model No.


Input Load*






moving magnet

47k 100pF

43dB standard **

or 34dB special order

-93 dB down

ultra low noise, constructed with very high end audio
grade components


Optional, for all models we can built 50 ohm output, i.e.
for driving long lines. $300 extra

Dimensions for the MMP4, MMP3 and MCP-2 (without the knob,
which adds 3/4″ to the height)
7” deep, 1&1/2” high, and 4&1/4” wide.

Overload specs for our preamps: Output clipping into 10K Ohms = 8.3 Volts RMS –
all models.

Input overload levels for output clipping or non linearity:
MMP3/MMP4 ~~~ 20Hz – 5.3 mV; 1Khz – 53 mV; 20KHZ – 530 mV;
MCP-2 ~~~~ 20Hz – 1.4 mV; 1Khz – 5.3 mV; 20KHZ – 35 mV with input load set to
200 Ohms;

*standard values, other gain and loading options can be configured
on request, $100 extra – select ‘custom made’ option from order form below and
be sure to tell us what you’d like!

** Our “Fixed Coil” Moving Iron cartridges are
best with 42- 44 dB gain preamps; most moving magnet and moving Iron cartridges
will work well with our 43dB gain preamps, however, for VERY HIGH output
cartridges (4.5mV or higher) we offer a 34dB gain preamps as an option ~
THD measurements 1kHz, ~0.004%

24 volt power supply included [US standard 120 volt];
optional European (schuko) 230 volt AC to 24 volt DC transformer

Additional information

Weight 0.00000000 lbs


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