Tannoy CMS601BM Tannoy Ceiling Speaker

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Brand: Tannoy


The Tannoy CMS 601 is a full bandwidth; high power and high sensitivity ceiling monitor system.
The design comprises a 165mm (6.50″) transducer mounted in a vented, injection moulded,
paintable front baffle manufactured from UV/weather resistant UL94V-0 ABS material.
The point source configuration of the Tannoy ICT driver s mid-bass and tweeter sections
ensures a wide and controlled dispersion for optimum coverage; this while avoiding the massive
loss of energy in the vertical plane, at the crossover frequency, inherent in two-way discrete
designs. The ICT (Inductive Coupling Technology) drive unit also addresses the two most
common component failures experienced in background music and sound reinforcement
systems, the tweeter and the crossover reliability. The use of a wireless electromagnetic tweeter
means that no crossover is required in the design; this therefore ensures that an ICT unit is
exceptionally reliable and therefore ideal for applications where constant heavy usage is the
norm. This aluminium high frequency dome has a deep drawn skirt that sits on the inside of the
low frequency voice coil in the same magnetic gap. The skirt is like a single shorted turn that is
induced with high frequency information generated by the low frequency voice coil, which is fed a
full bandwidth signal. The mineral loaded polypropylene cone material and nitrile rubber surround
further enhance durability and long-term reliability.
This compact unit is specifically designed for applications requiring the combination of premium
sonic quality for music and speech reinforcement with exceptional reliability.
The CMS 601BM is equipped with a low insertion loss 60W line transformer easily configurable
to the following settings via front baffle mounted rotary tapping switch:
70V systems: 60W / 30W / 15W / 7.5W / OFF & low Impedance operation
100V systems: 60W / 30W / 15W / OFF & low Impedance operation

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