Technics OTTAVA SC-C500 Premium All-In-One HiFi System


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SKU: SC-C500
Brand: Technics


Turn Your Room into an Entire Rich Sound-stage

One and only combination of Technics sound technology and
our new wide directional speaker concept will fill the room with true music.

Amazing and Elegant from Every Angle

Seeing is believing. Listening is believing. 

Uncompromised beauty from every angle under timeless definitive design enriches
your listening moment.

Music will breeze.

Ordinary compact speakers are generally unable to provide
powerful bass.

The OTTAVA™ speaker system has two woofers arranged
symmetrically to reduce cabinet vibrations. Its spiral acoustic tube provide
rich bass from a limited cabinet space. This speaker system delivers high-quality
bass that is unimaginable from a speaker system with such a small cabinet.

In addition to powerful, robust bass, the speaker system
must deliver everything from high to low frequency with no delay so the
listener feels surrounded by clear, high-quality sound. Because the directivity
of sound differs depending on the frequency range, the OTTAVA™ speaker system
emits low-/mid frequency sounds and high-frequency sounds differently. Low-/mid
frequency sounds are diffused by a reflector. For high-frequency sounds,
tweeters are arranged in a multi-angled configuration.

The shape of the speaker cabinet is designed to prevent
tweeter-emitted sounds from mixing with the sounds from other speaker units.
This eliminates sound degradation and delivers high-quality sound to the
listener regardless of the listening position.

These advanced sound technologies are packed into a
truly-essential and high-quality enclosure that is also appealing to the eye.

  • Multi-angled
    Total 270-degrees.
  • Spiral
    Acoustic Tube
  • Symmetrically
    Placed Woofers

Just Play Music

Smooth comfortable control by our Technics Music App.

Just select your music and play.

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