Technics SL-1000R Reference Class Direct Drive Turntable System


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Direct Drive Turntable System


*Headshell and cartridge are NOT included

Coreless Direct Drive Motor

The motor that forms
the heart of the direct drive turntable is based on the coreless direct drive
motor that was developed for the SL-1200G launched in 2016, and further
improved. The double coil twin rotor-type coreless direct drive motor that was
newly developed for this purpose had coils on both sides for 12-pole, 18-coil
drive, with high enough torque to drive the heavyweight-class platter
(approximately 7.9-kg). Offsetting the coils on both sides 60 degrees improved
the rigidity of the substrate, suppressing fine vibrations and reducing
self-inductance. These improvements achieved stable rotation of 0.015% wow and
flutter or less, which is considered to be the measurement limit. Also, the
thrust bearings supporting the heavyweight-class platter use a special
engineering plastic to provide both high rigidity and reliability.

Suppressing Unwanted Motor Vibration

The motor that was
developed for the SL-1200G served as the platform for the direct drive motor.
The double coil, reinforced thrust bearings, and a chassis with increased
rigidity achieved a stabilized motor with low center of gravity. By positioning
two stainless steel weights with high rigidity and high specific gravity at the
bottom of the chassis, the rigidity and low center of gravity are maintained.
These thorough measures to prevent unwanted vibration help to achieve
overwhelming rotary precision and improve S/N.

Heavyweight-class Turntable Platter

The turntable
platter positions tungsten weights, which have an extremely high specific
weight and are difficult to process, on the outer periphery of a 10-mm-thick
brass weight. The brass weight is laminated onto the aluminium die-cast, giving
the platter a total weight of approximately 7.9 kg and an inertial mass of
approximately 1 ton・cm. A deadening rubber for eliminating unwanted vibration is also
attached to the rear surface to form a 3-layer construction and achieve high
rigidity and excellent vibration damping characteristics.

Separate Control Unit

The control unit is
separated from the main unit to suppress the effects of unwanted noise on the
main unit. In order to achieve a power supply circuit that provides good
regulation for high torque, a switching power supply is used. To reduce the
noise reaching the pickup, the switching power supply is equipped with a unique
technology that provides a voltage supply with minimal noise by a newly
developed “unwanted noise reduction circuit”. Also, to minimize the
noise even during communication, a highly reliable system that resists the
effects of external noise is used for communication between the main unit and
the control unit. These thorough noise-reduction measures achieve the world’s
highest-level S/N.

Minute Adjustment and Indication of Rotations

This turntable
supports not only LP (33 1/3 rpm) and EP (45 rpm) analogue records, but also SP
(78 rpm). Rotation (rpm) can also be set down to two decimal places (maximum
±16%) from the control unit. The OLED display is also capable of displaying
rotation with accuracy down to two decimal places, so the user can both hear
and see extremely precise rotation.

High-sensitivity Tonearm

To enable the
tonearm to precisely track the record’s rotation, Technics has traditionally
used the static balance, S-type universal tonearm with a lightweight, high
damping magnesium tonearm pipe. The gimbal suspension construction tonearm uses
high-precision bearings. Highly skilled Japanese craftsmen handle all assembly
and adjustment to achieve a high initial-motion sensitivity to precisely trace
the grooves cut into the records. OFC is used for internal wiring, so the music
signal relayed from the cartridge is not dampened and the musical energy cut
into the record is not lost, thereby producing highly vivid sounds.

Tonearm Base

The tonearm base, to
which the tonearm is mounted, is strongly integrated with the turntable part.
Comparing the turntable base part with the tonearm mounting construction, the
relationship of the tonearm bearings, turntable bearings, and needle position
is always constant, providing a structure in which the vibration caused by the
rigidity of the turntable base materials has minimal effect, and the tonearm
performance is maximized. An optional tonearm base can also be purchased,
enabling, in addition to the standard tonearm, an existing short or long-type
tonearm from SME or Ortofon to be mounted (up to three including the standard

  • Please use the tonearm base of supported
    manufactuer model.

  • Material: Aluminum alloy A5052

Model number

Supported manufacturer

Supported model


Blank tonearm























IT-345 CR-1


IT-407 CR-1

* The product does
not have mounting holes. Process the product according to your tone arm.

Please see here for external dimensions and location of the
tonearm base.

Photo of Tonearm Base Customisation

*Example of customization

High-quality Terminal

A gold-plated 5-Pin
DIN terminal is used, enabling the user to select the desired PHONO cable. An
integrated, machined, high-rigidity aluminum housing also suppresses external
noise from reaching the pickup.

A Rigid Cabinet and High Damping Silicon Insulator

The cabinet has a
2-layer construction consisting of BMC (bulk molding compound) and a
30-mm-thick aluminium top panel. The turntable part is a 3-layer construction
comprising BMC, aluminium die-cast, and a 25-mm-thick aluminium top panel. This
gives the system a construction of 5 layers of different materials to ensure
sufficient rigidity. The insulator that supports the cabinet is a special
silicon rubber that combines high vibration damping characteristics and
long-term reliability. Reinforcement with a cylindrical tube made of a
microcell polymer absorbs vibrations in the horizontal direction. These parts
are contained in a zinc die-cast housing with high specific gravity, for
isolation from external vibrations.


Drive Method
Direct Drive

Brushless DC motor

Turntable Speeds
33 1/3, 45, 78 rpm

Adjust Range
±16 %

Starting Torque
0.39 N・m / 4.0 kg・cm (3.47 lb-in)

Wow And Flutter
0.015 % W.R.M.S.

Turntable Platter
Brass and aluminium
diecast combined

Diameter : 323 mm (12-23/32″)

Weight : Approx. 7.9 kg (17.5 lbs) (including turntable mat)

Tonearm Section

Universal Static

Effective Length
From the tonearm
pivot to the stylus : 254mm (10″)

From the tonearm pivot to the spindle : 239mm (9-13/32″)

15 mm (19/32 inch)

Tracking Error Angle
Within 1° 48′ (at
the outer groove of 30 cm (12″) record)

Within 0° 30′ (at the inner groove of 30 cm (12″) record)

Offset Angle

Arm Height Adjustment Range
0 – 15 mm

Stylus Pressure Adjustment Range
0 – 4 g (Direct

Applicable Cartridge Weight Range (including Headshell)
15.9 – 19.7 g
(without auxiliary weight)

18.8 – 23.6 g (with small auxiliary weight)

22.5 – 26.3 g (with middle auxiliary weight)

26.0 – 31.0 g (with large auxiliary weight)

Audio Output
PHONO (Din Jack) x 1
*Straight Type Cable Only


Power Supply
AC 110 – 240 V, 50 /
60 Hz

Power Consumption
10 W

Approx. 0.05 W (Standby)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

Main Unit

531 x 188 x 399 mm (20-29/32 × 7-13/32 × 15-23/32 inch) 

Control Unit

110 x 84 x 350 mm (4-11/32 × 3-5/16 × 13-25/32 inch)

Main Unit Approx.
40.2 kg (88.7 lbs)

Control Unit Approx. 2.1 kg (4.7 lbs)

Operating Temperature Range
0° to +40° (32°F to

Operating Humidity Range
35 % to 80 % RH (no

Turntable, Turntable
mat, EP record adaptor, Balance weight, Auxiliary weight(Small)(Middle)(Large),
Overhang gauge, Screw set for turntable, Detachable handle, Hex wrench,
Insulator attachment, Dust cover, AC main leads, Owner’s manual

Additional information

Weight 0.00000000 lbs
Armboard Options

1 Extra Armboard (please specify), 2 Extra Armboards (please specify)


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