Tellurium Q Black II Speaker Cables with Bananas, 2.5 meter length (1 pair)

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Tellurium Q Black was our first cable and we knew we were on
to something special when we took the prototypes to various dealers for their
comments and input. One in particular would not believe that it could match the
somewhat thicker more expensive cable in his demonstration system.

We sat down and listened to some of his familiar music
tracks, then we swapped the cable for Tellurium Q Black. He sat forward, looked
at us and quite seriously asked what else we had done to his system while we
were changing the cables over. It was only when he swapped the cables himself a
couple of times he believed the evidence of his ears.

So why Black II? Despite Black winning multiple awards,
surprising owners with it’s performance and more people than ever choosing to
use it in their systems?

We have been learning and developing, especially in the last
few years and have come up with a way to make this little gem even better. The
only thing to do was to give it to our customers. Switch Black for Black II and
it is completely obvious which is which. Once you hear the difference, it is
also completely obvious why we felt compelled to upgrade Black in the way that
we have.

We think you will get more from your music and
hope that you love Black II as much as we do.

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