Waversa Systems USB-EXT1 – Digital Noise Isolator


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Waversa’s EXT isolators’ basic, breakthrough design is closely held by Waversa under patent protection. It is being used in military and medical applications where the “cleanest” of digital signals is required and home audio also benefits.
Essentially, the devices create “tuned” electrical and magnetic fields that negate RFI and EMI effects from interference caused not only by external radiation but also by transmission within cables themselves, as well as some carried within the actual digital “packets”.​
The devices is:
⦁    non-directional
⦁    completely passive (no power supply is required)
⦁    do not sever the ground connection
Best results occur with:
⦁    a short, no more than 12 inches (30cm) recommended, cable between the EXT and the following component
⦁    a fixed ethernet transmission speed of 100mbs
⦁    a quality RF/EM shielded cable to retain the purified signal.
(These generate minor but notable differences)
​Each isolator comes with its own short cable sourced from third parties. You may have your own preference; the key is to keep the cable short, as noted above.
WVSHIELD Technology
There are variations among these Waversa digital cables, mainly regarding the metals of which the conductors are made and the construction and materials of the terminations. In general, however, VSHEILD is a Waversa Systems advanced technology that fundamentally protects a signal from the inflow of noise generated by the housing of the cable. Although some of these technologies have been adopted in high-speed RF transmission, Waversa has further enhanced this design to minimize the effect of noise on the audio signal. VSHIELD involves a copper shield on each wire, not simply the winding an expander around an existing cable. This makes the background quieter, the contours of the bass more clearly defined, with the highs reproduced smoothly without any hesitation. To manufacture VSHIELD cables, Wavera Systems has even developed and produced a dedicated device used to create the wire shielding through the painstaking process of hand-crafting these cables.




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