Yamaha MX-A5200 AVENTAGE 11-Channel Power Amplifier

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SKU: MX-A5200
Brand: Yamaha


11-Channel Power Amplifier

Supreme Power. Engineered to deliver on power and
performance, this amplifier harnesses the best in power performance that drives
from a technological engineering marvel. Featuring the highest quality in
components for amplifiers, pair it with the CX-A5200 AV Preamplifier Processor
for the ultimate theater experience.

  • 150 W
    (8 ohm, 0.06% THD, 20Hz-20Hz, 2-ch driven)
  • Yamaha
    engineered toroidal transformer and custom block capacitors
  • Power
    amp with three-stage Darlington circuit
  • Noise
    resistant XLR balanced connection
  • Bi-amping
    channel selector
  • Gold-plated
    speaker terminals
  • Bridge-Tied
    Load (BTL) support
  • Auto
    Power Standby


AVENTAGE Separates

AVENTAGE Separates represent the ultimate in home
entertainment and Yamaha establishes a new benchmark in performance and
innovation with the CX-A5200 pre-amplifier and MX-A5200 power amplifier.

Power and Presence

The MX-A5200 offers 11 discrete channels of amplification
with flexible configuration options, delivering an impressive combination of
both high power and quality.

Enjoy the flexibility of a multi-zone system or immerse
yourself in exhilarating surround sound using any combination of 11 channels.

Ultimate Performance
with BTL

To further enhance power capacity, the MX-A5200 supports a
Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) configuration for the front two channels. This allows
for quality in both sound fidelity and power to the front speakers.

Uncompromising Design

As part of its uncompromising design, the MX-A5200 boasts a
specially designed chassis to maximize rigidity and eliminate the effects of

The MX-A5200 employs a double bottom construction consisting
of vibration control plates made of 1.6 mm steel, echoing that of the legendary
Z11 AV receiver.

In order to support the heavy heat sinks and other
components, a left-right independent construction strengthened by a rigid-frame
structure is utilized. The bottom frame reduces the transmission of vibration
produced by the large power supply transformer and heat sinks.

The MX-A5200 also incorporates a heavy insulator that blocks
external vibration thus improving signal to noise ratios for an ultimate
theater experience.

Perfectly Symmetrical

Precisely planned, circuit-routed and designed with a
symmetrical power amplifier layout, the MX-A5200 achieves optimal channel
separation with left and right sides being both physically and electrically

This design allows for an improvement in signal-to-noise
ratio thus achieving an expansive sound stage and a quality output.


The MX-A5200 utilizes a high-output, large toroidal transformer
combined with two specially developed high-capacity block capacitors to deliver
massive power with generous headroom.

A direct effect of this engineering is a minimized energy
loss and quality reproduction of sound sources.

Superior Connections

The rear of the MX-A5200 features high-quality, gold-plated
terminals that are compatible with Y plugs (spade connectors) for optimal
connections with speakers.

Heavy-Duty Bottom

Stabilizing the chassis is the key to enhanced performance
and sound. The MX-A5200 achieves this by employing a thick bottom plate which
acts to steady the entire structure and achieve optimal sound.

Balanced XLR

When connecting AV components, electrical noise can be
introduced – a result of the connections between them and also from other
sources of external noise.

The MX-A5200 utilizes balanced connections for all 11
channels, the same type found in professional audio and theater applications.
This is to reduce electrical or any external noise.

Additionally, the alternative RCA unbalanced
connections use a ground sensing transmission method that achieves simple
balanced transmission.

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