Yamaha R-N803 Network Stereo Receiver with MusicCast

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The elegant design of the R-N803 is equally matched with
powerful brainy internals – a full suite of modern technological and
connectivity features make the receiver even more captivating and result in a
receiver worthy to take home to your Wi-Fi® and Hi-Fi.

Experience the Legend, Enjoy the Musicality

The legendary Yamaha Hi-Fi design concept ToP-ART (Total
Purity Audio Reproduction Technology) combines a meticulously symmetrical
left/right circuit layout and signal directness (straightest, shortest signal
paths) with a low-vibration chassis of high rigidity. The chassis is equipped
with the special resin frame “Art Base” that absorbs and blocks
unnecessary vibration. The result is sonic purity and an accurate stereo image
of your music.

High Precision, High Performance

The R-N803 uses the renowned SABRE 9006AS 192 kHz/24-bit DAC
(from ESS technology) to deliver superior signal-to-noise ratio performance.
Combined with the Yamaha original network module, the unit thoroughly draws out
all the sonic merits of high-resolution sound sources, effectively reproducing
even the subtle ambience of concert halls and delicate expressive nuances in
the sound.

Optimized for the Ultimate

For the first time in a Hi-Fi receiver, the R-N803 is
equipped with the Yamaha Parametric room Acoustic Optimizer (YPAO™), a famed
technology used in Yamaha AV receivers. It measures the shape of the room, the
material of the wall and the position of the speaker, then automatically
adjusts the sound to create the ideal response and sonic quality. The unit also
features other advanced YPAO functions, including YPAO – Reflected Sound
Control, which actively corrects the important early reflection sounds that
greatly influence sound quality, and YPAO Volume, which applies exceptionally
high-precision EQ (equalization), with 192 kHz / 64-bit operation. The result?
You can create an ideal listening environment right in your home, just like
that of a professional audio listening room. Moreover, you can control the YPAO
feature and display the analysis results by using the MusicCast app.*

* To be supported in future firmware updates.

Sound Purity

Pure Direct mode enables the music signals to travel the
shortest possible circuit route, bypassing the buffer amp and the tone,
loudness and balance controls to virtually eliminate any signal degradation,
for the purest sound quality.

Pure Delight to Own

This receiver inherits the simple and sophisticated design
style for which Yamaha Hi-Fi audio is famous. Its elegant simplicity
beautifully complements your other Hi-Fi audio components. The stylish design
with high-quality materials deepens both the joy of ownership and the joy of

Sophisticated Circuit Design

The power amp block adopts a symmetrical and direct circuit
layout based on the ToP-ART concept, featuring a parallel push-pull structure
using a total of eight bipolar-type power transistors (four each, on left and
right) as its output terminals. And by minimizing the lengths of the audio
signal paths in the circuit design, we’ve lowered impedance to achieve superb
drive power with a maximum output of 145 watts (per channel).


The R-N803 is equipped with Bluetooth® to let
you enjoy music playback from smartphones and other devices.


Access all of your music with a simple app and wirelessly
stream it throughout your home using your existing Wi-Fi® network.

  • Stream
    it all.
     Listen to Pandora®, Spotify, Napster, SiriusXM Internet
    Radio, TIDAL, Deezer, thousands of free internet radio stations and the
    music stored on your smart devices and computers.
  • Wireless
     All MusicCast products are fully loaded with
    Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and AirPlay®.
  • Expand
    to a whole home audio experience.
     When you’re ready, add
    MusicCast wireless speakers, sound bars or other devices in up to 9 other
    rooms and listen throughout your home.
  • No
    wires, easy installation.
     By using MusicCast, you don’t need to
    fuss with placing wires through walls into other rooms.


Optical TV Input

The R-N803 is equipped for digital audio input with both audio
and coaxial terminals. With an optical input, TV sound reaches new sonic
platforms – pure, pristine, and dynamic sound for all entertainment sources,
from sports and other programs to movies and concerts.

Love for Vinyl

Throw your vinyl collection love and drop a needle with the
phono input terminal that connects the R-N803 to a record player.

Discover New Favorites

Explore. Compatible with a large variety of popular
streaming services, including Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer, Napster and others — the
R-N803 encourages discovery of new music from all over the world.

* Music service availability varies by region.

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