Audio-Technica AT-TC1000DR/1.2 5-Pin DIN to Dual RCA Tonearm Interconnect Cable (3.9'/1.2m)


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AT-TC1000DR/1.2 Tonearm Interconnect Cable

1.2 m (3.9') 5-Pin DIN to dual-RCA tonearm interconnect cable. This low-resistance phono cable provides superior delivery of high-fidelity balanced audio signals, making it well suited for transmitting signals from low-output MC cartridges. Even weak signals are transmitted without any loss, ensuring an exquisite listening experience. Features 7N-Class Dia Ultra Crystallized Copper signal conductor and PBT-filled hollow hot pin for best possible sound quality.

  • Tonearm interconnect cable provides superior signal delivery
  • Utilizes 7N-Class Dia Ultra Crystalized Copper, developed by Mitsubishi – an ideal conductor for high-fidelity audio