Audiolab M-EAR 4D 3-Way In-Ear Headphones


  • Brand: Audiolab
  • Product Code: M-EAR 4D

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M-EAR (4D)

The M-EAR 4D is a three-way design sporting four drive units – one for high frequencies, another for midrange and two for bass.


A feast for your ears

Both M-EAR models incorporate balanced armature drivers, which differ from the dynamic drivers found in most headphones and earphones. These drivers use an electronic signal to vibrate a tiny reed suspended between two magnets; this movement is transferred to an aluminium diaphragm that generates soundwaves. Balanced armature drivers deliver greater efficiency and are extremely compact, enabling several drivers to be combined in small, sound-isolating in-ear monitors.

The result, in the case of the M-EAR 2D, is a pair of discrete IEMs (In Ear Monitors) delivering taut, punchy bass, captivating midrange clarity and crisp, clean high-frequency detail, with no harmonic interference. Invest in the M-EAR 4D and the sonic return is even greater space, scale and dynamic expression.

Both M-EARs are supplied with a high-quality detachable cable with an in-line microphone, included for hands-free convenience when making calls. This is no ordinary miniature mic – it is a Knowles SiSonic TM MEMS-based microphone, selected as a result of ACS’s pro-audio experience for excellent wide-band voice reproduction in noisy environments. To ensure a snug fit and superb noise isolation, the M-EARs come with six pairs of ear tips in three different sizes.

Driver configuration

4x balanced armature drivers


Three-way system

Noise isolation


Frequency response



66 Ohms (@1kHz)

Output (sensitivity)

115dB @ 0.1V (1kHz)


1.45m detachable

In-line microphone

SiSonic MEMS


6x memory foam ear tips; carrying case