CEntrance BlueDAC Balanced Bluetooth Headphone Amp/USB DAC


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  • $395.00

BlueDAC – Wired and Wireless Hi-Fi

BlueDAC is the result of our meticulous, painstaking quest to evolve the portable headphone amplifier for the modern HiFi enthusiast. BlueDAC was created with utmost care and attention to detail, down to the last design element, such as the selection of components for best audio reproduction, design for lowest noise and distortion, ergonomic location of controls, and lightweight wearability, all with the goal to deliver the ultimate portable digital audio experience that rivals an expensive stereo in sound quality, but not in size.

It took years of dedicated crafstmanship to bring you this level of aesthetic refinement. Here is the short timeline as a glimpse into the history of our continous improvement.

2009: CEntrance redefined portable Hi-Fi with a revolutionary product called DACport, a small, USB-powered DAC/AMP. DACport's amazing sound quality earned it a place on the presitigous Stereophile recommended components list!

2014: CEntrance added HD file support, offering DSD playback, picosecond clocks and sampling rates up to 384kHz. The ultra-slim DACport HD immediately became a hit and sold thousands of units within months of introduction.

2016: Our upgraded headphone amplifier called AmpExtreme™ offers even lower noise and distortion. But we didn't stop there. We added a Li-Ion rechargeable battery and MFi connectivity. The resulting ultra-portable DACportable got rave press reviews and became wildely popular.

2018: It's hard to build upon the legacy, but we were determined to push the envelope even further. On customers' request, we've added an audiophile Bluetooth input, and a balanced output, offering freedom from cables and total sonic flexibility. BlueDAC is our best portable HiFi amplifier yet!

As an audiophile listening device for all types of heapdhones - even power-hungry and balanced models -BlueDAC dots all the i's—use it as a wired or a wireless DAC/Amp and enjoy high quality sound either way. And weighing in at only 120 grams, it's extremely travel-friendly. Trusted review sites, including CNET and DAR love BlueDAC for its excepional sound quality and portability. Check it out for yourself! We guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Nuts and Bolts

BlueDAC is a reference-quality audiophile listening device. The sound quality is so awesome, you will hear detail in your music you never thought was there. And the addition of our audiophile Bluetooth input means now you can forget the pesky wires! Leave that phone in the pocket and enjoy cable freedom.

Featuring the amazing VelvetSound™ AK4490 Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) coupled with our own AmpExtreme—powerful, custom, Class-A Headphone Amplifier with digital volume control, this product will transport you musically to new heights.

Over USB, BlueDAC supports full 32-bit, 384kHz audio resolution as well as DSD, so even if you don't have music in those formats yet, your investment is future-proof. There is plenty of clean output power. This means you can use your favorite headphones such as HD580, HD600, and HD650 without worrying if it will be loud enough. Because the sound will be loud, confident and full of detail. Especially in the fully balanced mode.

On and Off the Road

Make your audiophile experience portable. Listen to pristine-quality playback anywhere—at a coffee shop, at work, or on a trip—no need to sacrifice sound quality for portability. BlueDAC packs a lot of features into the stylish chassis made from Earth-friendly, biodegradeable plastic, setting new standards in portability, convenience and sound quality.

Key Features

  • VelvetSound™ series D/A converter plays all your high-res music perfectly.
  • AmpExtreme™ headphone amp offers clarity, soundstage and detail.
  • Volume control with digital tracking keeps channels in perfect balance.
  • Ergonomic, side-mounted slider allows single-handed volume adjustment.
  • Works with Mac, Windows, and Linux OS, and most phones and tablets.
  • Li-Po battery plays for 20 hours without draining your phone's battery (wireless mode).
  • A custom plastic chassis offers a soft touch, scratch protection and durability.
  • Two outputs: a 3.5mm headphone jack and a 2.5 balanced jack for true versatility!

Digital specs



Resolution (USB)

32-bit (Also supports 16 and 24-bit)

Sample Rate (USB)

44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176.2 kHz, 192 kHz, 352.4 kHz, 384 kHz


DSD Support

DSD64 and DSD128



USB 2.0, asynchronous, Bluetooth



Two custom, mil-spec clocks, 10 ppm precision, 1 ps jitter






iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Linux, PC. Driver is available for Windows.

Analog Specs




Freq. Response

20Hz...20kHz +/-0.5dB


S/N Ratio

-113dBu, no weighting



0.002 %, 0.014% (Full Scale Modulation, 1kHz)


Crosstalk, 1kHz

-111 dB


Output Impedance

0.4 Ohm


Output power, 32ohm

500mW (total) 32 Ohm, drives 600 Ohm headphones


Supported Headphones

16...600 Ohm


Max Output Level, 1kHz

2.9 V rms / +11.3 dBu


Gain Switch

20dB range

General Specs




Audio Output

Gold-plated unbalanced 3.5mm headphone jack, Gold-plated balanced 2.5mm headphone jack


Headphone Amp

Custom-designed AmpExtreme™ with Class-A circuit and super-clean, bipolar power supply


AC Adapter

Supports standard 5V adapters with USB "micro B" plug


DC Powering/Charging

+5V (2.1A) from external adapter, such as iPad charger. 2A recommended for fast charging


Internal supplies

Battery-isolated, triple-filtered ±9V, analog power supply rails


Unit Dimensions:

110mm (4.3") (L), 57mm (2.2") (W), 18mm (0.7”) (H)


Unit Weight:

120 grams (4.3 ounces)


Chassis Material

Soft-touch, scratch resistant, Earth-friendly biodigradeable plastic


Battery Specs

Rechargeable Li-Polymer, 20 hours play time (bluetooth input)


Format Support

BlueDAC supports, in addition to the standard SBC codec, APTX, MP3, AAC and Faststream codecs.