Clearaudio Smart Phono v2 Phono Stage (Silver)


  • Brand: Clearaudio
  • Product Code: Smart Phono v2 Silver Demo

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The Smart Phono v2 features a newly designed, CNC-machined, resonance-free aluminum chassis. It is a larger, higher performance version of the popular Clearaudio Nano phono stage.

The Smart Phono v2 features a gain attenuator, conveniently located on top, allowing precise level-matching between phono and other line inputs. A power on/off button, located on top of the chassis, is another new feature on the Smart Phono v2. Looking underneath, the Smart Phono v2 features extensive loading options and sub-sonic filter, making it compatible with virtually all phono cartridges. High-quality, gold-plated input and output RCA terminals give superb contact.

The Smart Phono v2 delivers the performance and features of more expensive phono stages in a small, stylish and cost-effective package.


Switchable moving coil / moving magnet

Amplification at 1 kHz

54-68 dB (moving coil), 34-48 (moving magnet)

RIAA (75 µs/318 µs /3180 µs)


RIAA accuracy

± 0,3 dB / 10Hz – 100kHz

Signal-to-noise ratio

72 dB / moving coil (“A” weighted), 85 dB moving magnet (“A” weighted)

Maximum output voltage

10 V eff. at 1 kHz


< 0,004% MC ("A" @ 1 kHz/-1 dB @ MAX)


18 dB / moving coil (Gain Control on MAX)

Channel separation

> 90 dB at 1 kHz

Standby mode

< .3 watt

Power supply

± 18 V DC / 300 mA (external power supply)


Unbalanced RCA


1.1 lbs


4.02″ x 3.54″ x 1.42″


3 years