Metrum Acoustics Octave MkII NOS Mini DAC Black (display model)


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Some people call it the Mini Hex and as a matter of fact, there's some truth to it.


The looks of the new Octave MkII are based on the big brother Hex built around the new MkII PCB. The housing is solid and functional without any frills. We kept the good qualities of the original design and added some new technology borrowed from the Hex to further improve the measured and sonic performance.

Since the Hex received two awards for its extremely high performance, we decided to borrow the same electronics for the Octave MkII. We replaced its receiver section with that of the Hex to accommodate 192kHz sample rates. Data buffering reduces jitter to be isolated from irregular data reception. Besides standard coax and optical S/PDIF, the same optional USB module of the Hex is available. To achieve optimum specs, we performed critical parts matching, hence no external USB bridge is required to enjoy top sound from streaming audio sources.

Type of dac              Non oversampling dac                          

Power:                     15 VA internal power supply                                  

Inputs:                     1x optical, 1x coaxial, USB (optional)                                

Outputs:                   2x gold RCA connectors                               

Max voltage output:   2 Volt RMS max.                                        

Slewing rate:            35 Volt/uS           

Frequency range:      1Hz 0dB untill half sampling rate -3dB.                                     

Distortion:                < 0,04 % THD                                  

Noise :                     -130 dB / 16 bits   -135 dB / 24 bits. 

Output impedance:     85 Ohms                                 

Sampling frequeny:     Optical: 44 tot 96 kHz Coaxial: 44 to 192kHz. USB (option) 44 to 192 kHz.

Dimensions:               WxHxD  7.48" x 2.37" x 9.65"

Weight:                      4.19 lb  including sold separate USB module